Sermons on Individual sermons on the Lord Jesus - Various speakers

Sermons on Individual sermons on the Lord Jesus - Various speakers

Jesus is God ( 21 min)

Dr A.J. Higgins preaches on the proof for the deity of Christ found in the Gospel of John Ch 5.17-21. The Lord Jesus is seen there as having unique ability, unparalleled unity (with His Father), unrivalled capability, uninterrupted intimacy (with His Father), unlimited capacity and unquestionable reliability. (Recorded at the Gospel Hall Toronto Easter Conference, 30th Mar 2024)

All This Was Done (14 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the 3 mentions of the fascinating expression “all this was done” in the Gospel of Matthew. Readings: Matt 1:20-23, 21:2-5, 26:51-56. (Recorded in Mount Sterling Gospel Hall, WI, USA)

A Devotional Meditation on Isaiah 53 (48 min)

Richard Collings preaches on Christ in Isaiah 53 where the Holy Spirit through the prophet Isaiah highlights the supremacy, sorrows, sufferings, sacrifice and satisfaction of Christ. (Recorded in Helions Bumpstead Gospel Hall, Essex, UK)

The Cross of Christ (58 min)

David Vallance preaches on the cross of Christ in the epistle of Paul to the Galatians. The cross of Christ saves me from sin, secures me for heaven, and separates me from the world. (Recorded at Helions Gospel Hall Easter conference, 30th Mar 2018)

The Hind of the Morning (42 min)

Harold Paisley preaches on the Lord Jesus as the “hind of the dawn” (Heb: Aijeleth Shahar) from Psalm 22. The hind is a picture of Christ in the mystery of its birth, the manner of its growth, the majesty of its bearing etc. (Recorded in Scotland)

Able Not To Sin, or Not Able to Sin? (24 min)

David Vallance addresses the question of Christ’s impeccability and asks was He “able not to sin”, or in fact “not able to sin”, and if the latter, in what sense was the “temptation in the wilderness” real? Readings: Heb 4:14-15, 9:27-28. (Recorded at Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, MI, USA, on 18th Feb 2024)

His Claim is True, His Work is Done, His Victory is Sure (47 min)

After outlining a series of proofs for the resurrection of Christ, Michael Penfold preaches on “what the resurrection proves”. The resurrection of Christ proves that 1. His claim to be the Son of God is true; 2. His atoning work is done; and 3. His victory is sure, which will be seen when He returns to reign over the earth in His millennial kingdom. Readings: John 20:30-31, Acts 1:3, 17:31, Rom 1:1-4, 4:25. (Message preached in Coleford Gospel Hall, Somerset,…

A Lesser Known Type of Christ (51 min)

After a brief introduction to the subject of typology, Michael Penfold preaches on Daniel as a clear – though lesser-known – type of Christ, particularly from the story of the den of lions. Reading: Dan 6:1-3. (Message preached in Winnipeg Gospel Hall, MB, Canada, 6th Oct 2023) Photo of oil painting of “Daniel’s Answer to the King” by Briton Riviere (1890) from the Manchester Art Gallery.

The Resurrection of Christ (21 min)

John Meekin preaches on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, looking at the topic historically, personally doctrinally etc. Reading: 2 Tim 2:4-8. (Message preached in Roseisle, MB, Canada, 30th Sept 2023)

Greater Than Jonah and Solomon (43 min)

Dan Rudge preaches on Christ as greater than Jonah and Solomon – greater than Jonah’s service, sacrifice and suffering, and greater than Solomon’s wisdom, wealth and work. Reading: Matt 12:41-42. (Message preached in Osborne Road Gospel Hall, Northampton, 12th Jan 2019)

Our Saviour – Sinless, Silent and Selfless (22 min)

John Grant preaches on three aspects of Christ from 1 Peter 2 – sinless in his character, silent in his trial, selfless in his death. Readings: 1 Pet 1:1-5, 2:21-25. (Message preached at Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, MI, USA, Nov 2011)

Far Above All (43 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches a wide-ranging message on the person of Christ – His essence, His exaltation and His experience. Christ is “far above all”. Readings: Heb 1:1-3, Eph 1:15-2:1, Matt 17:1-5. (Message preached in Ballymena, 12.10.2019)

The Uniqueness of Christ (47 min)

Jim Flanigan (1931-2014) preaches a richly doctrinal and devotional message on “the uniqueness of Christ”. Reading: Heb 7:4. (Message preached in Ballymena, 13th Mar 1982)

Postures of Christ in the Book of Daniel (43 min)

David Gilliland preaches on three postures of Christ in the book of Daniel: walking in the fire (Ch 3), sitting on the cloud (Ch 7) and standing above the river (Chs 10-12). Readings: Dan 3:24-26, 7:1-14, 10:4-9, 11:27, 35, 40, 12:4-13. (Message preached at the Vancouver Fall Conference, Canada, 2012)

The ‘Arch’ Titles of Christ (27 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the 6 ‘arch’ titles of Christ in the New Testament, revealing Him as the President, the Pledge, the Pioneer, the Priest, the Pastor and the Prince. Readings: 1 Cor 15:20, Col 1:18, Heb 4:14, 12:2, 1 Pet 5:5, Rev 1:5-6. (Message preached in Belfast, 2005)

A Funeral Like No Other (17 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the unique funeral of the Monarch of the ages, our Lord Jesus Christ, outlining 5 unique aspects of the funeral of the King of Kings. (Message preached in Chalfont St Peter, 18 Sept 2022)

4 Things the Lord Became (32 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) preaches a devotional Christ-exalting message on 4 things the Lord became. He became flesh (John 1:14); He became poor (2 Cor 8:9); He became obedient (Phil 2:8); and He became dead (Rev 1:18). (Recorded in Redditch Gospel Hall, UK).

The Word Became Flesh (44 min)

Phil Coulson preaches on the incarnation of Christ, and the profound stoop of the eternal Son of God in becoming flesh. Mr Coulson addresses the question of whether the Lord took anything from Mary and what the Bible means when it says of Christ “a body hast Thou prepared Me”. Readings: John 1:14, Phil 2:5-8, Heb 10:5-7, Eph 4:9-10, Psa 139:1-16. (Messages preached in Kingsmoss, Northern Ireland)

The Last Glimpse (19 min)

Jim Flanigan (1931-2014) was saved as a boy of 11 in Belfast, shortly after his mother’s homecall. When his family home was destroyed in the air blitz of May 1941, the motherless young Jim was evacuated from the city. Back in Belfast 2 years later he was taken by a friend to Parkgate Avenue Gospel Hall where he grasped the principle of gathering to the name of the Lord in accordance with the pattern of the New Testament. In 1946…

The Hidden Years of the Carpenter of Nazareth (21 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches an unusual word on the hidden years of Christ in Nazareth in 4 parts: the hidden years 1. foreshadowed, 2. foretold, 3. factual, and 4. fruitful. A touching and richly devotional look at the person of Christ that will warm your heart. Readings: Exod 16:33, Isa 50:4, Luke 2:51-52, Heb 4:14-16. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference, 24th March 1989) Further listening: Harold Paisley’s testimony Harold Paisley 50 Years in the Lord’s work Video of…

Behold the Man! (50 min)

Michael Penfold preaches a wide-ranging message on the person of Christ, based on Pilate’s exclamation “Behold the Man!”, under 7 headings. Behold the deity of this man, the humanity of this man, the humility of this man, the purity of this man, the consistency of this man, the ability of this man, the victory of this man. Reading: John 19:1-6 (Message preached in Derriaghy, 2017) (Photo above: the “Garden Tomb” in Jerusalem)

Great Are The Offices He Bears (48 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the three great mediatorial offices of the Messiah – ‘prophet’, ‘priest’ and ‘king’. The only person able to hold all three offices at one time is the Lord Jesus. The character, purpose and timing of each of these roles of Christ is examined, with special attention being given to His priesthood. The title of this message is taken from Samuel Medley’s famous hymn, “Come let us sing the matchless worth”, which contains the lines, “Great are…

The Glory of God, and Jesus Standing (44 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on the martyrdom of Stephen in Acts 7:54-60, and Stephen’s view of “the glory of God and Jesus standing”. He draws out numerous lessons from this pivotal passage concerning Israel, the church, God’s purpose for this age and the significance of “the man in the glory”, and the Holy Spirit’s present ministry on earth (Message preached in Bicester 22nd April 2019)

Christ in His Office as Prophet (42 min)

Dan Rudge preaches on the topic of Christ’s office as prophet from Deut 18:15-22. He defines what a prophet is, and then distinguishes between Christ as prophet, as priest and as king. He explains how Christ fulfilled the prophetic office, only speaking what He heard from His Father. Dan also gives counsel from Deut 18 as to how to avoid falling for the many false prophets that are moving freely in Christendom today (Message preached 7th Oct 2018)

One Person – Two Natures (36 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the incarnation of Christ. Answering the mistaken idea that “the Lord took nothing from Mary”, Michael proves from Scripture that our incarnate Saviour was both conceived in and connected to His mother, and that this fact is vital for our redemption. In addition, the fact that the Lord Jesus had two natures – deity and humanity – in one person (‘hypostatic union’) is expounded. It is vital that Christ’s person is never divided, and His natures…

What does it mean that Christ is our “Advocate”? (36 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the topic of the advocacy of Christ. He differentiates between Christ’s offices of Mediator, High Priest and Advocate, and explains the meaning of the word “advocate” as used by John in 1 John 2:1, setting it in the context of John’s first epistle to show how, when and why Christ acts as our advocate (Message preached 3rd Dec 2017)

Christ as the Mediator (36 min)

Mervyn Hall speaks on Christ in His role as our Mediator. Starting with Job’s lament in the Old Testament that there was no ‘daysman’, Mervyn traces the truth through to the New Testament and presents its fulfilment in Christ. He underlines the need that the Mediator be possessed of the same substance of the one for whom he acts, and the same essence as the One to whom He acts (Message preached 26th Nov 2017)

Christ on the Mount of Olives (38 min)

Thomas West preaches on the topic of the Mount of Olives in relation to the Lord Jesus. The Mount of Olives is where the Lord “went apart”, was “alone”, was “arrested”, from where he “ascended” and to where He will “arrive” on His return. An instructive and practical look at this interesting subject. Readings: John 7, Matt 26, Acts 1 and Zech 14 (Message preached May 11th 2017)

The Significance of the Title “Son of God” (41 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the title “the Son of God”. He outlines the “distinction between persons” in the Trinity on the one hand, and the “oneness in nature” shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on the other. The eternal sonship of Christ is defended as well as His absolute deity. The exclusive rights of the Son in relation to heirship in principle and in particular are expounded (Message preached 19th Mar 2017)

What Does “Only Begotten Son” Mean? (40 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the expression “the only begotten Son” (Gk: monogenes) and explains its significance. He also takes up another title of Christ, “the first-begotten” (Gk: prototokos), and expounds its meaning. Finally, he takes up the words “This day have I begotten Thee” and, starting in Psalm 2, reveals the import of this precious expression (Message preached 26th Feb 2017)

A Real, Risen, Returning Christ (26 min)

Michael Penfold compares the epistles of Paul, Peter and John, men who wrote of faith, hope and love respectively. Each was an eye-witness…to the resurrection, to the transfiguration and the incarnation. They urge us, in turn, to believe in a risen Christ, to hope in a returning Christ and to love a real Christ (Message preached 4th Aug 2013)

Aspects of the Ministry of Christ as High Priest (24 min)

James Armstrong speaks on 4 things that Christ does for us as our Great High Priest. He bears four burdens: Ex 28:12 “their names on his shoulders” (our security), 28:29 “their names on his heart” (our sympathy) 28:30 “the urim and thummim” (our guidance), and 28:38 “the holy mitre” (our acceptance) (Message preached 13th Jan 2013)

A Meditation on Christ’s Miracles (30 min)

Malcolm Radcliffe preaches on the dispensational, practical and evangelistic lessons to be drawn from the unique intertwined narratives of the raising of Jairus’s daughter and the healing of the woman with the issue of blood (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 4th April 2010)

Christ and His Coming (41 min)

Albert Hull preaches on “Christ and His compassion” and “Christ and His coming” in a devotionally rich message on the person of Christ, delivered with warmth and freshness (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 13th April 2009)

Christ and His Church (27 min)

Albert Hull preaches a powerful message on “Christ and His Control” and “Christ and His Church”. Mr Hull had a unique gift for devotional heart-warming ministry on the person of Christ (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 12th April 2009)

Christ & His Creation (31 min)

Albert Hull preaches on “Christ and His Creation” and “Christ and His Cross”, a message delivered with joy and power. Enjoy! (Message preached at Bicester, Easter 11th April 2009)