Sermons on Assembly Order - I Jackson

Sermons on Assembly Order - I Jackson

Personal Devotion, Prayer and Bible Reading (70 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on the biggest thing in the Christian life – a personal consistent walk with the Lord, through prayer and Bible reading. As well as giving helpful hints on the practical side of prayer and reading, he outlines the vital need for devotion and the importance of the Word in our lives, for instruction, growth, guidance, sanctification and discernment (Message preached 9th Feb 2012)

Opening and Contributing to Bible Readings (31 min)

Ian Jackson give guidance as to opening and contributing in local assembly conversational Bible Readings. He explains the need to prepare by studing the context, the verses and the words of the chosen passage. Any brother “leading the Reading” should read distinctly, give a short opening, move the conversation steadily through the verses and ensure with the Lord’s help that everyone goes home helped and edified (Message preached 12th Feb 2012)

Hints on Conduct in Meetings (53 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on conduct and order in connection with gospel meetings. He touches on practical issues in connection with preaching, such as the use of the human voice and intelligent interaction with one’s audience. In a wide-ranging message, he deals with the need for punctuality, dignity in delivery and dress, avoidance of long public prayers, what kind of hymns are useful, and the impact of sincere welcomes and handshakes. A most practical message. (Message preached 11th Feb 2012)

Preparation and Preaching (51 min)

Ian Jackson gives wise and challenging counsel on how to prepare for handling the word of God, and how to publicly preach it. He speaks of the essential preparation of both the soul of the preacher, and the sermon itself. He distinguishes between “speaking” and “preaching”. Included is advice on how to structure a message, the use of notes, the need for eye contact, a hearty spirit, clarity, humility and other vital ingredients (Message preached 11th Feb 2012)

How to Study the Bible (67 min)

Ian Jackson exhorts his audience to diligently and reverently read and study the Bible to be fitted to worship and serve the Lord for His glory. He outlines a helpful system of study that involves repeated reading, note taking, word studies, the use of Bible dictionaries and concordances and other helps. “There is no short cut to gaining a thorough grasp of scripture” (Message preached 10th Feb 2012)