Sermons on Joshua

Sermons on Joshua

The Question of Rahab’s Lie (35 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the issue raised by Rahab’s words in Josh 2:4-5, where she says the spies have left Jericho, when actually they were hiding on her roof. Was she right to tell a lie? How does her choice sit with the 9th commandment? What does this incident mean for us today? Readings: Josh 2:1-24, 6:23-25, Matt 1:5-6, 16, Heb 11:31, Jas 2:25, 4:17. (Message preached in Chalfont St Peter, 23rd Apr 2023) (Photo: the ruins of Jericho)

Faith That Works (43 min)

Jonathan Procopio preaches on the life of a major character in the book of Joshua: the wall-dwelling woman of Jericho, Rahab. Rarely taken up as a subject for ministry, Rahab’s life contains many lessons in faith – “faith that works”. She even gets a few mentions in the New Testament! Jonathan brings out numerous helpful practical lessons from the story of her life for our benefit. Readings: Matt 1:5-6a, Heb 11:31, Jas 2:25, Josh 2:1-3, 8-11 (Message preached on Prince…

Crossing, Conquering, and Claiming (44 min)

Egypt to Canaan (Part 6) – Eugene Higgins closes the series of messages on Egypt to Canaan with a look at crossing the Jordan (and what that event typifies); conquering the land (overcoming intimidation, temptation, deception ad amalgamation); and claiming the land (with examples from Caleb, Achsah, the daughters of Zelophehad and Levi). Readings: Josh 3:14-17, 4:6-9, 5:10-6:2, 13:14, 33, 14:6-12, 17:3-4 (Message preached 6th Oct 2019) Here’s a photo of the chart Mr Higgins used during this series:

The House of Achan and the Enemies of God (54 min)

PART 1 – Ian Jackson preaches on the home of Achan from Joshua Chs 6-7. What Achan did, and what he brought into his home, negatively affected him, his children and the whole assembly of God’s people. The lesson? Home life impacts all of life – work, family, and assembly. What is needed today is a restoration of sanctified homes where God is honoured. Mr Jackson asks “Is it time your home changed?” (Message preached 16th Feb 2017)

Lessons from the Life of Joshua (17 min)

John See preaches on the life of Joshua and draws salient and challenging lessons about faith and commitment from this great servant of God (Message preached July 18th 2010) (Photo: Jericho)

Assembly Commitment (37 min)

Are you committed to your local assembly? That’s the subject of this important message from David Gilliland based on the ancient story of Joshua and the Gibeonites in Joshua 9. (Message preached 13th April 2009)