Sermons by David Gilliland

Sermons by David Gilliland

Secular Society – The Secrets of Survival (59 min)

PART 3 – In the third and last of his “Secrets of Survival in a Secular Society” series, David Gilliland further expounds the Upper Room ministry of the Lord Jesus. Our is not to imitate the world, nor to isolate from the world, but to be insulated against the world by the ministry of Christ. Mr Gilliland’s outline: John 13 “holiness”, John 14 “hope”, John 15 “husbandman”, John 16 “help”, and John 17 “harmony”. Readings: John 13:6, 8, 14:9, 14,…

Secular Society – a Biblical Survival Kit (56 min)

PART 2 – In the second of his “Secrets of Survival in a Secular Society” series, David Gilliland expounds the Upper Room ministry of the Lord Jesus as a survival kit for us to utilise now that He has gone back to heaven and left us in a hostile world. Mr Gilliland highlights the features, fruit and foes in the teaching of Christ and applies it to dealing with erroneous philosophies such as pluralism and relativism. Readings: John 14:16-20, 15:9-12,…

Secular Society – What is it? (42 min)

PART 1 – Opening a series called “The Secrets of Survival in a Secular Society”, David Gilliland defines secularism and takes a look at – and refutes from the Bible – ideas such as deism, nihilism and pragmatism. Readings: John 12:31-33, 13:1, 14:17, 15:18-19, 22-24, 17:25-26 (Message preached in Curzon Street, Derby, May 2004)

Title in Turmoil (65 min)

PART 4 – David Gilliland preaches on the “feasts of the Jews” in the Gospel of John and develops teaching from the unique perspective given on the feasts in the 4th gospel. Readings: John 2:13-17, 5:1-10, 6:4-5, 7:1-2, 10:22-24, 31-33, 11:55, 12:1-5. (Message preached in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 2002) (Photo: Israel)

Seasons in Sequence (70 min)

PART 1 – David Gilliland gives an overview of the 7 feasts of Jehovah before looking at Leviticus Ch 23 in detail. His headings include the setting of the chapter, and its subject and sections etc. This is a very comprehensive look at this pivotal topic. Readings: Lev 18:1-4, 23:1-4, 44, 26:2-4, 6, 11-13. (Message preached in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 2002) (Photo: Israel)

Atonement – “Received” not “Achieved” (25 min)

David Gilliland preaches the gospel on the subject of “the atonement” – its meaning, cost, reception, effect and urgency of atonement. The blessings from Christ’s atonement are received not achieved: obtained not attained. Reading Rom 5:6-11 (Preached in Northern Ireland).

What is our hope? (54 min)

PART 4 of 4 – In the last of a series of 4 messages on big Bible questions, David Gilliland preaches on the question “What is our hope?” and takes up the topic of the Christian’s sure hope from various parts of the New Testament. Reading: 1 Thess 2:17-20 (Message preached in Dundonald, 2006) Complete series: 1. What is man? – The question of identity 2. What is truth? – The question of reality 3. What is your life? –…

What is your life? (54 min)

PART 3 of 4 – In the third of a series of 4 messages on big Bible questions, David Gilliland preaches on the question “What is your life?” In a challenging message he urges his audience to assess what they are really living for. “Only one life, ’twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.” Reading: James 5:13-17 (Message preached in Dundonald, 2006) Complete series: 1. What is man? – The question of identity 2. What is…

What is truth? (53 min)

PART 2 of 4 – In the second of a series of 4 messages on big Bible questions, David Gilliland preaches on the question “What is truth?” This is a fundamental question, the answer to which David divides into four: the problems for truth, the phraseology of truth, the pictures of truth, and the profile of truth. A helpful and important message. Reading: John 18:33-40 (Message preached in Dundonald, 2006) Complete series: 1. What is man? – The question of…

What is man? (49 min)

PART 1 of 4 – In the first of a series of 4 messages on big Bible questions, David Gilliland preaches on the question “What is man?” He looks at man in his dignity, a unique and purposeful creation of God. Then, man in his depravity – a creature who now worships the gods of money, sex and power. Then man in his deliverance, his development and ultimately his destiny. Readings: Job 7:17-21, 15:14-16, Psa 8:3-9, Psa 144:3-4, 11-12, Heb…

The Teaching in the Trees (52 min)

David Gilliland preaches on 4 Bible trees and draws a wealth of teaching from them. The fruit tree and the separated life; the palm tree and the serviceable life; the cedar tree and the steadfast life: and the olive tree and the spiritual life. Readings: Psa 1:1-4, 52:2, 7-9, 92:7, 12-15 (Message preached at the Lurgan Conference 2018)

The Glory that Follows Justification (65 min)

PART 5 of 5 – David Gilliland preaches the last message in his series on “justification by faith”. He expounds the glorious 8th chapter of Romans – a chapter full of glory – using the following headings: the fitness for glory, the family of glory, the fulness of glory, the freedom of glory, the focus of glory, the fears for glory, and the freeness of glory. He closes by looking at 4 questions: the power question, the prosecution question, the…

The Godliness that Accompanies Justification (59 min)

PART 4 of 5 – David Gilliland preaches on justification’s twin: sanctification. Chs 5-8 of Romans explain how we should live in the light of our justification. The fact that we have been cleared of all guilt doesn’t mean we can now live as we like. Quite the reverse; godly, holy living is what follows. David expounds the 2 men (order), 2 masters (obligation), 2 marriages (occupation) and 2 minds (operation) that the apostle Paul introduces as he outlines the…

The Grace which Bestows Justification (61 min)

PART 3 of 5 – David Gilliland preaches on how a person can be justified. Christ has died and risen, but how can a condemned guilty sinner receive the blessing of justification and be declared righteous? By faith alone. This is the wonder of divine grace. And this is what Romanism calls anathema! A vital message on the central issue of how a person can be made right with God. A comprehensive message covering multiple fundamental issues. Readings: Rom 3:27-4:5,…

The Ground that Secures Justification (58 min)

PART 2 of 5 – David Gilliland expounds the pivotal passage in Romans 3:19-26 and outlines 10 points in connection with God’s plan to justify sinners on the ground of the work of Christ. He explains the crucial doctrine of propitiation, whereby God’s justice has satisfied through the appeasing of His wrath in the sacrifice of Christ. This is the ground, the basis, of justification. (Message preached in Ballywatermoy, 2005) Messages in this series: The guilt that requires justification (Audio)…

The Guilt that Demands Justification (57 min)

PART 1 of 5 – David Gilliland opens a series of messages on the fundamental and vital topic of “justification by faith” in the epistle of Paul to the Romans, with a look at the need for it brought about by human guilt. He works his way through Chs 1 and 2 and into the first half of Ch 3 tracing the scope, the seriousness, the standard, the statement, the sentence, and the silence of the guilt of humanity. This…

The Challenge of the Unmanned Gap (37 min)

David Gilliland preaches on God’s word to Israel in Ezekiel Ch 22, a chapter in which God speaks about the state of the land, the sins of the land, and finally the search in the land: God’s search for a man to “stand in the gap”. Along life’s journey there is a need for boundaries and hedges with no gaps. Personal hedges, family hedges, marriage hedges, business hedges, and assembly hedges. Mr Gilliland speaks on the hedge of separation, of…

The Everlasting God (50 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the three mentions of the expression “the everlasting God” in our English Bible. The everlasting God of the Patriarch (Gen 21:31-34), of the Prophet (Isa 40:27-31) and of the Preacher (Rom 16:25-27). An encouraging and strengthening message that focuses our hearts on the greatness and glory of the One who is from everlasting to everlasting (Message originally preached in Curzon Street, Derby).

WYSIWYG Christianity (51 min)

David Gilliland preaches a message he entitled “WYSIWYG Christianity”. WYSIWYG stands for “What You See Is What You Get”. We project an image, we create an impression, but does that correspond to what we really are? The Pharisees were “expert performers” but the Lord exposed them as hypocrites. David Gilliland looks at a number of people in the Bible who pretended to be someone they were not. The challenge is to be real, genuine and transparent, in a world of…

Sitting Exams in God’s School (28 min)

When we were saved, we not only became sons in God’s family, but students in God’s school. Every so often throughout our lives there’s a test – an exam – and through these various tests and trials, God proves us and refines us, to be more like His Son. David Gilliland looks at 6 tests in the history of God’s people in the Old Testament and draws lessons for us today. The tests are: the Moriah test, the Marah test,…

What Time Is It? (44 min)

David Gilliland asks “What time is it?” Are you aware exactly what kind of age we live in and where we are in the purposes and counsels of God? We are in an age unique in its moral guilt in that, due to the crucifixion of Christ, it is the “present evil age”, or as David translates it “the now age”. How should we live in “the now age”? A challenging message full of insight and interest. Readings: 1 Tim…

The Growth of a Soul (33 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the 7 comings in the book of Ruth that plot what he calls “the growth of a soul”. Are you growing in your soul? Are you making progress? This message will challenge you to press on and develop in character and testimony for God, as you see Ruth coming to the field, the fold, the feast, the floor etc. Readings: Ruth 1:19-22, 2:2-3, 7, 11-2, 14, 3:1-3, 6-7, 14-18, 4:11-12 (Message preached at Sussex Conference, Canada,…

The Circuit of the Sun (20 min)

Preaching from the 19th Psalm, David Gilliland compares God’s revelation in the sky with God’s revelation in the Bible: as to its vastness, its variety, its voice, its value, and its verity. Mr Gilliland makes a second comparison: he compares the daily circuit of the sun with the journey of the One, our Lord Jesus Christ, who came from God and went to God (Message given at Sussex Gospel Hall conference, Canada, 2017)

Understanding Spiritual Freedom (54 min)

David Gilliland expounds the truth of spiritual freedom. What is freedom? What is legalism? Is man free? Does God’s law restrict human freedom? Are people really free if they’re allowed to do whatever they want? These and other fascinating questions are examined in this helpful message under 5 headings: 1. The origin and overthrow of liberty; 2. The obtaining and offer of liberty; 3. The opponents and obstacles to liberty; 4. The obligations and operation of liberty; and 5. The…

Should Women Wear Head Coverings? (50 min)

“Should women wear head coverings?” is a hugely significant question. It involves, among other things, the great doctrine of headship, the inspiration of Scripture, the distinction between the genders of male and female, and local church order. In this helpful message, David Gilliland sets out to answer what headship is, why women should wear head coverings, and what the head covering symbolises. In the process he answers questions like “Why does Paul seem to contradict himself between 1 Cor 11:5…

Can We Still Believe in Eternal Punishment? (54 min)

David Gilliland takes up a defense of the Biblical doctrine of eternal punishment. Because of the practices, philosophies, and the pluralism of modern society, belief in and proclamation of the truth of eternal punishment is weakening in many forums. It is currently denied by 4 main errors: by modernism, by postmortem evangelism, by universalism, and by annihilationism (conditional immortality). Mr Gilliland expounds the character of hell and defends it against charges that it is 1. inconsistent with the love of…

The Psychology of the Bible (40 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the subject of the human mind. We are composed of two elements – the physical and the spiritual – our minds made up of intellect, will and emotion. These must be kept in balance through the Word of God and through the resources of our Lord Jesus, who is prophet, priest and King. We must guard our minds because we are not what we think we are, but what we think – we are. After dealing…

Introduction to the Offerings (47 min)

David Gilliland gives a very helpful “introduction to the offerings”. He takes an overview of the topic of sacrifice in Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus before discussing how, when and where Israelites brought sacrifices. The sacrifices were costly and heavy and taught serious lessons to those who brought them. David discusses the issue of forgiveness and atonement in relation to the Old Testament sacrifices. Were Old Testament offerers really forgiven, and if so how? Finally he discusses the different types of…

How We Got Our Bible (58 min)

David Gilliland gives a 58 minute overview of how the King James Version of the Bible came to be. Starting with how God gave the original Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek, Mr Gilliland works through the centuries up until when the Bible was translated into English – first, from the Latin, by John Wycliffe, and finally from the Greek by the martyr William Tyndale. Then the fascinating story of how the King James Bible came to be produced and eventually…

The Recovery of a Lost Smile (41 min)

David Gilliland preaches on Psalm 39:13 which, he explains, carries the sense of “O spare me, that I may smile again”. After some introductory remarks about people who are always smiling, some who never smile, and others who smile on the outside but whose heart isn’t smiling, David focuses his attention on two questions: “What makes Christians lose their smile?” and “How can Christians get their smile back”? He draws answers to these questions from Psalm 39 and 40. An…

The Practical Kingdom Parables (37 min)

PART 5 – David Gilliland considers the parable of the nobleman from Luke 19:11-27. This key parable reveals that though the kingdom was not restored to Israel at the time of Christ’s first coming, it most certainly will be at His second. In the mean time, believers are to “occupy” until He returns. Faithfulness in little things during the time of the King’s rejection and absence will lead to larger responsibilities being given when the kingdom is inaugurated. What kingdom…

The Glorious Kingdom Promises (60 min)

PART 4 – David Gilliland considers the programme of God’s kingdom from the captivity in Babylon through to the second coming of Christ. God sent prophets – Isaiah to Malachi – to sustain and encourage His people in dark days. Despite the disaster of the captivity and the tragedy of the cross, God’s original plan to have a kingdom headquartered in Jerusalem with the son of David on the throne of the Lord has not been abandoned. The present postponement…

The Historical Kingdom Picture (47 min)

PART 3 – In a sweeping address that covers over 1,500 years of history, David Gilliland traces the course of God’s dealings on the earth from the tower of Babel all the way through to the captivity in Babylon. The Kings of “this world” (Nimrod, Pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar etc.) have always opposed God’s rule, but in the nation of Israel, in particular under the rule of Solomon, God gave a preview of what the Kingdom of Christ will eventually look like…

The Original Kingdom Pattern (30 min)

PART 2 – From Genesis Chs 1-3, David Gilliland explains that at the beginning God delegated rule over creation to Adam, who was crowned with glory and honour and given dominion over God’s works. This was the “original kingdom pattern”. All of this came under subtle attack from Satan. (Due to a recording malfunction, 15 minutes is missing at the 28.10 mark. At that point, Mr Gilliland outlined the results of the fall, and how those results will be reversed…

The Ultimate Kingdom Psalm (58 min)

PART 1 – David Gilliland introduces his series of 5 messages on “the kingdom of God in human history” with a look at Psalm 145, which he calls the ultimate kingdom psalm. The 7+1 psalms of King David bunched together from Psalm 138 to 145 Mr Gilliland likens to the 7 future years of tribulation, that give way to the great day of Christ’s millennial glory. This message is full of fascinating insights into the mathematical structure of the Psalter…

Here I Stand – I Can Do No Other (45 min)

In a wide ranging biographical message, David Gilliland traces the life of the Reformer Martin Luther and in particular homes in on the courageous and history-making “sola scriptura” stand that he took at the Diet of Worms in April of 1521, which Mr Gilliland proposes was the pivotal moment in the Reformation (Message preached 17th Apr 2017)

The Land and the Book (44 min)

David Gilliland preaches about “the land and the book”. Borrowing the title from a book by author William Thomson, Mr Gilliland compares the land of Israel (the glory of all lands) with the Bible (the glory of all books). A most interesting and instructive message drawing out many parallels and making practical applications along the way (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 17th Apr 2017)

Bible Reading in 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 (25 min)

David Gilliland opens up 1 Corinthians 11:17-34, giving the background to the passage and outlining the difference between Lordship and Headship etc. The contribution section of the Bible Reading is not included. (Bible Reading in Bicester, Easter Apr 16th 2017)

The Friends of Truth (32 min)

After a general introduction about the existence and importance of absolute truth, David Gilliland preaches on 7 things that are paired with truth in the Bible: goodness, grace, soberness, sincerity, love, peace and faithfulness. Truth must be defended, displayed and declared in assemblies of God’s people (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 15th April 2017)

Headship and the Local Assembly (50 min)

“Should women wear head coverings?” is a hugely significant question. It involves, among other things, the great doctrine of headship, the inspiration of Scripture, the distinction between the genders of male and female, and local church order. In this helpful message, David Gilliland sets out to answer what headship is, why women should wear head coverings, and what the head covering symbolises. In the process he answers questions like “Why does Paul seem to contradict himself between 1 Cor 11:5…

The Hazard of Spiritual Hypothermia (45 min)

David Gilliland preaches a searching message on the danger of spiritual coldness. He outlines the reasons and results of “spiritual hypothermia” before giving the Biblical remedy for this debilitating condition from the narrative of the Shunammite’s son in 2 Kings 4, who was warmed by the ministry of godly Elisha (Message preached in Bicester 1st April 2013)

The Four Seasons of the Christian Life (43 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the winter, spring, summer and autumn of the Christian life. The cold of our godless past, melted by the gospel’s warmth (Psa 147:18); the spring of early Christian experience with its freshness, beauty and growth (Song of Songs 2:11-13); the summer of fruitfulness, stability and blessing (Amos 8:1), and the autumn of maturity and richness of colour with its legacy passed to the next generation (Job 5:26, 1 Chron 29:29). A wise and discerning message that…

The Meaning of Baptism (22 min)

David Gilliland preaches a baptism message which clearly outlines the command, confession, “copy” and challenge of baptism. This is a brief but succinct explanation of baptism with a strong gospel thrust (Message preached in Bicester 31st Mar 2013)

Bible Reading in Hebrews Ch 1 (1 hour 42 min)

David Gilliland opens up Hebrews Ch 1, expounds its content and then works through the whole chapter verse by verse. He outlines the unique structure of the chapter and elaborates on what God has to say “in Son”, “to His Son” and “about His Son”. A helpful and instructive study (Bible Reading in Bicester, Easter Mar 31st 2013)

The Danger of Perishing (42 min)

David Gilliland preaches a powerful and pointed warning message on the danger of perishing and the divine rescue provided in Christ. John Grant closes with a fresh look at John 3:16, assuring sinners of a welcome for the whosoever will (Messages preached in Ambrosden 31st Mar 2013)

Adorning the Doctrine of God our Saviour (35 min)

David Gilliland explains what it means to “adorn the doctrine” from Titus 2:10. He highlights 4 major doctrines – justification, sanctification, redemption and reconciliation – and urges his audience to frame these great doctrines within lives of practical righteousness, holiness, freedom and forgiveness, thus “adorning the doctrine”. A thought provoking and challenging message (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 30th Mar 2013)

The New Covenant (61 min)

THE NEW COVENANT – David Gilliland preaches on the need for a new covenant – to touch what none of the previous covenants touched – the heart of man! He explains what relationship the church has to the New Covenant. Finally, he explains how all the covenants dovetail together to guarantee the seed, the land and the blessing through Christ (Message preached 20th May 2011)

The Davidic Covenant (54 min)

DAVIDIC COVENANT – David Gilliland outlines how that God, having guaranteed the realm, the race and the righteousness of the future creation through the first three covenants, now guarantees the future Ruler – Christ, the son of David – through the Davidic covenant (Message preached 19th May 2011)

Mosaic Covenant (50 min)

MOSAIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the format, formalization, function and fragility of the covenant made at Sinai with Israel. He helpfully differentiates between a one way “royal grant” covenant (Abrahamic) and a two way “suzerainty covenant” (Mosaic) (Message preached 18th May 2011)

The Abrahamic Covenant (64 min)

ABRAHAMIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the various types of covenant in scripture (signature, salt, shoe and sacrifice). He then outlines the recipient, the revelation, the ratification, the realisation and the remembrance connected with the Abrahamic covenant. He calls the Abrahamic covenant the “biggest covenant in history” (Message preached 17th May 2011)

Noahic Covenant (55 min)

INTRODUCTION & NOAHIC COVENANT – David Gilliland gives an introduction to the subject of the 5 divine covenants of scripture, which he calls “stepping stones along God’s path through history in His programme of restoring a fallen creation”. He then examines the first – the Noahic – and explains its purpose, promises, prohibitions and permanence (Message preached 16th May 2011)

Ho! Everyone That Thirsteth (46 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the gospel sound, settlement, supper, sureness and season, from Isaiah 55. He announces the free offer of salvation in the words of the prophet: “Ho, everyone that thirsteth…come, buy…without money and without price” (Message preached 15th May 2011)

Assembly Commitment (37 min)

Are you committed to your local assembly? That’s the subject of this important message from David Gilliland based on the ancient story of Joshua and the Gibeonites in Joshua 9. Very challenging material (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 13th April 2009)

Victory Over Secret Sin, and the Pursuit of Holiness (41 min)

David Gilliland delivers a searching word of ministry on victory over secret sin and on the pursuit of holiness based on Joshua’s destruction of the 5 kings in Joshua Ch 10. He touches on the dangers of the internet, and much else, in this powerful and effective message that will repay careful listening (Message preached at Bicester, Easter April 13th 2009)

The Pressures of Life (25 min)

David Gilliland preaches on how to cope with the pressures of life, focussing on three uses of the word “hyperbole” by Paul in 2 Corinthians (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 12th April 2009)

The Value of your Soul (52 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the tremendous value of the soul and Albert Hull closes the meeting by speaking on “bad news”, “good news” and “sad news” (Messages preached in Bicester, Easter 12th April 2009)

Whose Image and Superscription? (43 min)

David Gilliland preaches on “Whose image and superscription” we bear as Christians – Christ’s or the world’s? During the course of his wide-ranging remarks he dealt with the much debated issue of casual dress (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 11th April 09)