Sermons on A Survey of Bible Covenants - David Gilliland

Sermons on A Survey of Bible Covenants - David Gilliland

The New Covenant (61 min)

THE NEW COVENANT – David Gilliland preaches on the need for a new covenant – to touch what none of the previous covenants touched – the heart of man! He explains what relationship the church has to the New Covenant. Finally, he explains how all the covenants dovetail together to guarantee the seed, the land and the blessing through Christ (Message preached 20th May 2011)

The Davidic Covenant (54 min)

DAVIDIC COVENANT – David Gilliland outlines how that God, having guaranteed the realm, the race and the righteousness of the future creation through the first three covenants, now guarantees the future Ruler – Christ, the son of David – through the Davidic covenant (Message preached 19th May 2011)

Mosaic Covenant (50 min)

MOSAIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the format, formalization, function and fragility of the covenant made at Sinai with Israel. He helpfully differentiates between a one way “royal grant” covenant (Abrahamic) and a two way “suzerainty covenant” (Mosaic) (Message preached 18th May 2011)

The Abrahamic Covenant (64 min)

ABRAHAMIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the various types of covenant in scripture (signature, salt, shoe and sacrifice). He then outlines the recipient, the revelation, the ratification, the realisation and the remembrance connected with the Abrahamic covenant. He calls the Abrahamic covenant the “biggest covenant in history” (Message preached 17th May 2011)

Noahic Covenant (55 min)

INTRODUCTION & NOAHIC COVENANT – David Gilliland gives an introduction to the subject of the 5 divine covenants of scripture, which he calls “stepping stones along God’s path through history in His programme of restoring a fallen creation”. He then examines the first – the Noahic – and explains its purpose, promises, prohibitions and permanence (Message preached 16th May 2011)