Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

What Moses Learned at the Burning Bush (35 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the revelation of the character of God given to Moses at the burning bush. A God who comes close, a God who makes claims, a God who keeps His promises etc. Moses’s God is “the I am that I am”. Reading: Exod 3:1-15. (Message preached at Midland Park Gospel Hall, NJ, USA, 16th Sept 2023)

The Tabernacle is a Picture of the Local Assembly (38 min)

Dan Rudge preaches on the subject of the Tabernacle of testimony in the wilderness. A picture of Christ, a picture of heaven, but also a picture of the local assembly. Readings: Exod 25:8-9, 40:17-35). (Message preached at Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, MI, USA, 23rd Oct 2023)

Exploring the History and Meaning of the Passover (63 min)

John Grant preaches on the topic of the Passover under 4 headings: servitude, salvation, separation and service. A thorough exposition of all aspects of this feast of the LORD. Reading: Exodus 12. (Message preached in Stark Road Gospel hall, Livonia, MI, USA, on 14th Jan 2006)

He Bears our Burdens (22 min)

Dan Rudge preaches on two of the four burdens that Christ, our great High Priest, bears on our behalf. Reading: Exodus 28 (Message preached in Roseisle, MB, Canada, 30th Sept 2023)

7 Garments of the High Priest (52 min)

Tom West speaks on the 7 garments of the High Priest: the linen breeches, the linen coat, the girdle of fine needlework, the mitre, the blue robe, the ephod, and the breastplate. He draws doctrinal and practical teaching from these types, both in relation to the person of Christ and also the believer. Readings: Exod 28:1-4, Heb 2:14-18, 4:14-16 (Message preached 20th May 2021)  

Egypt to Canaan – Part 3 (58 min)

PART 3 of 7 – John Grant continues his series on the journey of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. On night 1 Israel doubted the promise of God. Night 2 Israel doubted the provision of God. Now on night 3, John preaches on Massah and Meribah where Israel murmured and doubted the presence of God. Says Mr Grant: “There’s nothing worse in an assembly than a bunch of murmurers”! Lessons are drawn from the smiting of the rock,…

Egypt to Canaan – Part 2 (57 min)

PART 2 of 7 – John Grant takes up the story of the “manna from heaven”, that came at the 7th of 44 stopping places on the way from Egypt to Canaan. As Israel moved through their journey, God repeatedly tested their faith. The test this time was “Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”. When your resources dry up, and when you stand in need of help, do you believe that God can meet that need? Mr Grant…

Egypt to Canaan – Part 1 (49 min)

PART 1 of 7 – John Grant begins a series of messages on the journey of the children of Israel “from Egypt to Canaan”. After looking generally at a number of journeys in Scripture he introduces his subject. Deliverance from Egypt (the penalty of sin) was followed by the crossing of the Red Sea (the power of sin). Israel’s journey began with a song of redemption but also with an impossible situation into which God put them to prove them…

How to Live Until He Returns (42 min)

Egypt to Canaan (Part 4) – Eugene Higgins looks at the incident of the golden calf at Horeb, and the building of the Tabernacle – the twin issues of worship and work. Moses is a picture of an absent Saviour, and a preserved believer, and a consecrated leader, all at the same time. Mr Higgins draws out powerful lessons from this part of Israel’s journey to the promised land. Readings: Exod 19:24-25, 25:1, 32:108, 17-19a, 30-35, 35:20-29, 39:42-43 (Message preached…

Provision for the Desert Pathway (42 min)

Egypt to Canaan (Part 3) – Eugene Higgins preaches on the “manna from heaven” which was God’s provision for Israel in the wilderness. The manna is a “double type”: it typifies both the incarnate Word (the Lord Jesus) and the inspired Word (the Bible). Mr Higgins brings out many lessons about our daily need for the Word of God from the history of the manna. He closes by looking at Israel’s enemy Amalek, which is a picture of the flesh.…

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? (44 min)

After listing 6 reasons why God gave the Sabbath, Michael Penfold proves that the Saturday Sabbath was a ceremonial, not a moral law, and that it was not instituted until Sinai. It was a “shadow” that gave way to the “substance” at the coming of Christ. He also looks at why believers meet on Sundays today, which the Bible calls “the Lord’s Day” (Message preached 13th May 2018)

What does it mean that Christ is our “Advocate”? (36 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the topic of the advocacy of Christ. He differentiates between Christ’s offices of Mediator, High Priest and Advocate, and explains the meaning of the word “advocate” as used by John in 1 John 2:1, setting it in the context of John’s first epistle to show how, when and why Christ acts as our advocate (Message preached 3rd Dec 2017)

Moses the Intercessor (28 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on “Moses the intercessor” from Exod 32. He outlines the 3 oft-repeated “steps away from God” taken by people throughout history, and likens the dreadful condition of Israel at the base of Mount Sinai (worshipping the golden calf) to the condition of our nation today. How Aaron and Moses reacted to this crisis revealed the difference between compromise on the one hand and godly firm leadership on the other (Message preached 27th April 2017)

The Brazen Altar (41 min)

Michael Penfold preaches about the largest piece of furniture in the Tabernacle of Moses – the brazen altar. He explains the significance of the picture of the altar, its position in the Tabernacle, its properties and its parts. Numerous lessons are drawn out about the person and work of Christ from this glorious type outlined in Exodus 27 (Message given Oct 9th 2016)

The Devotion of the Hebrew Servant (38 min)

John Grant preaches on the devoted Hebrew servant of Exod 21 and applies it to his audience as an illustration of the devotion that should mark present day Christians. The narrative provides a challenging line of ministry on our bond-service to Christ, the best of Masters (Message preached in Bicester 30th Mar 2013)

Aspects of the Ministry of Christ as High Priest (24 min)

James Armstrong speaks on 4 things that Christ does for us as our Great High Priest. He bears four burdens: Ex 28:12 “their names on his shoulders” (our security), 28:29 “their names on his heart” (our sympathy) 28:30 “the urim and thummim” (our guidance), and 28:38 “the holy mitre” (our acceptance) (Message preached 13th Jan 2013)

The Feast of Passover (42 min)

PART 1 – Gordon Stewart introduces the 7 Feasts of Jehovah and then deals with the first one, the Passover. From Exodus 12 and Leviticus 23, he expounds the purpose, meaning, contents and characteristics of the first of Israel’s annual feasts which commemorated their deliverance from Egypt and is a type of the sacrifice of Christ, the lamb of God (Message preached 25th Oct 2012)

Moses in the School of God (47 min)

Frank Sona preaches a discerning message about Moses, the student of God in the school of God from Exodus 3. He highlights the three sections of Moses’s life in which he learnt powerful lessons, as God dealt with him and moulded him into a mighty servant (Message preached 8th April 2012)

Excuses and Compromises (42 min)

Norman Mellish preaches a stirring and powerful message on the challenge of Christian service, separation and consecration, drawn from the narrative of the ‘Exodus from Egypt’ and highlighting the “excuses of Moses” and the “compromises of Pharoah” as recorded in the early chapters of book of Exodus, as a battle raged for the destiny of God’s people Israel (Message preached 29th Oct 2011).

The Discipline of Giving to the Lord (45 min)

Norman Mellish preaches on the discipline of giving, highlighting that the giving of believers should be systematic, secret, proportionate, sacrificial and cheerful. He brings out numerous helpful and practical lessons from Exodus 34 (Message preached 2nd June 2011)

Devotion to the Will of God (33 min)

John Dennison preaches a challenging message on the devotion of Christ to God, seen in picture in the Hebrew servant of Exodus 21, and the need for us to be devoted to Him too (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)

The Gospels and the Tabernacle (24 min)

PART 2 – John Stubbs preaches on 4 passages about the Tabernacle from the book of Exodus and links them with each of the 4 gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Precious typological teaching about the person of Christ is highlighted (Message preached 29th Nov 2009)

The Life and Times of Moses (44 min)

Scott Dunn preaches on the life and times of Moses, concentrating on how he endured discouragement and hardship by “seeing Him who is invisible”, as he glimpsed the glory of God (Ministry given on 13th Mar 2008)

Egypt to Canaan Part 3 (47 min)

John Stubbs preaches on the incident of the crossing of the Red Sea by the children of Israel as they escaped from Egypt. He applies numerous pertinent lessons from this very instructive narrative (Message preached on 27th Nov 2006)

The Brazen Laver (46 min)

PART 10 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the brazen laver that stood in the court of the Tabernacle between the brazen altar and the door. A very challenging message on the word of God and our need for holiness and reverence in the service of God (Message preached 31st Oct 2003)

The Golden Altar of Incense (53 min)

PART 9 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the golden altar of incense. He gives very helpful teaching in relation to the person of Christ and the important subject of prayer and worship from this piece of Tabernacle furniture (Message preached 30th Oct 2003)

The Garments of the Priests (53 min)

PART 8 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the priests and their garments. The various items of clothing that the priests wore all have spiritual significance, even down to the bells and the pomegranates that hung from the border of the High Priest’s robe (Message preached 29th Oct 2003)

The Brazen Altar (61 min)

PART 7 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the brazen altar of sacrifice, the largest piece of furniture in the Tabernacle. He outlines the meaning of the horns, the grate and the other various features of this important vessel of the Tabernacle (Message preached 28th Oct 2003)

The Boards of the Tabernacle (48 min)

PART 6 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the subject of the Tabernacle’s boards. He explains the significance of the wood overlaid with gold, the silver sockets and the bars that held them together. Profitable and challenging ministry on the local assembly is included (Message preached 27th Oct 2003)

Curtains and Coverings of the Tabernacle (51 min)

PART 5 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the curtains and the coverings of the tabernacle (the badgers’ skins, rams’ skins, the goats’ hair and the fine twined linen). He also explains the meaning behind the gate, the door and the veil. A most interesting subject (Message preached 24th Oct 2003)

The Golden Lampstand (57 min)

PART 4 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the golden lampstand, which gave light in the holy place of the Tabernacle. As with all the different vessels, Mr Bentley gives rich typical teaching on the lampstand that is both devotional and practical (Message preached 23rd Oct 2003)

The Table of Showbread (55 min)

PART 3 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the significance of the table of showbread, with its 12 loaves and its crowns. As with each piece of furniture, Mr Bentley explains its construction, its content and its conveyance (Message preached 22nd Oct 2003)

The Ark of the Covenant (52 min)

PART 2 – Mr Thomas Bentley preaches on the purpose and meaning of the ark of the covenant. Starting at the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle, Mr Bentley moves out night by night to towards the gate dealing with one piece of Tabernacle furniture at a time (Message preached 21st Oct 2003)

Introduction to the Tabernacle (53 min)

PART 1 – Mr Thomas Bentley gives an introductory message on the Tabernacle of Moses. He sets the context and explains the purpose and the method of its construction from Exodus 25 (Message preached 20th Oct 2003)