Sermons by John Dennison

Sermons by John Dennison

Investment in an Assembly (51 min)

PART 3 – In his final message in this 3-part series on the local assembly, John Dennison preaches on our “investment” in the assembly. He reads Matt 6:21 “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also” and asks “What are you investing in the assembly?” The key to understanding why a Christian should invest their whole life in the local assembly is to see it as God sees it. Working from Acts 20:28 John speaks of the the…

Involvement in an Assembly (59 min)

PART 2 – After his “introduction” to an assembly in Part 1, John Dennison now takes up what it means to be “involved” in an assembly. He works his way through Acts Ch 2 and draws out vital, fundamental and practical lessons from the 4 steps outlined in vvs 37-42 – “salvation”, “baptism”, “addition” and “continuation”. This is good, wholesome and plain ‘assembly truth” which will be a blessing to young and old. Readings: Matt 18:17-20, Acts 2:37-42 (Message preached…

Introduction to the Assembly (48 min)

PART 1 – John Dennison introduces a 3-part series of messages on the local assembly. In this introduction he looks at the first mention of the local assembly in the New Testament in Matt 18. He outlines the context of the passage, the concept of the assembly it contains, the crisis being resolved in the passage, and some characteristics of assembly found in the passage. Mr Dennison asks “What makes the local assembly unique?” He distinguishes it from the body…

Learning to say “No” (30 min)

John Dennison preaches from Genesis Ch 39 on the importance of being able to say “no”. With the world in our pockets, never has there been a time when it’s more important to be able to say “no” to that which dishonours the Lord and is not for His glory. John brings numerous powerful and practical lessons from the life of Joseph and how he overcame in the face of constant and fierce temptation to give in and sin against…

“Christ Suffered” (48 min)

John Dennison preaches on 1 Pet 3:18 (“Christ has once suffered for sins the just for the unjust that He might bring us to God”), and emphasises the two words “Christ suffered”. The sufferings of Christ were unmatched, were necessary, and accomplished what they were designed for – meeting the claims of God against sin and providing salvation for sinners (Message preached 1st Mar 2020)

Congregational Worship and Singing (51 min)

PART 6 – John Dennison give helpful ministry on worship in the context of assembly gatherings. After explaining the meaning and motive for worship, he points out the change the Lord Jesus announced in John Ch 4 and the ramifications for worship in our current era. He spends the rest of the message giving scriptural backing for the format of the open worship (singing, giving thanks, praying etc) at the breaking of bread meeting, and gives practical encouragement for those…

Assembly Reception and Letters of Commendation (51 min)

PART 5 – John Dennison preaches on the topic of “assembly reception” or “coming into fellowship” in an assembly. He outlines the 4 key verbs in Acts 2:41-42 – “received” his Word, were “baptised”, were “added” and “continued”. He expounds the three reasons why a person can be refused fellowship, and the three ways someone can be received into fellowship. Finally he makes a persuasive case for the use of distinct seating at the Lord’s Supper for those who have…

Headship and the Head Covering (49 min)

PART 4 – John Dennison works his way down 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (and 1 Cor 14:33-36) and deals with the Biblical subject of “the hierarchy of headship”, explaining 1. what it means for male and female roles in the local assembly and 2. how its symbolic display is seen in head coverings and hair length. He shows clearly that head coverings are not a “cultural issue” but rather something required of assemblies in all cultures, times and places. He explains…

What is Assembly Fellowship? (44 min)

PART 3 – John Dennison asks the question “What is assembly fellowship?” He distinguishes between different kinds of fellowship in the Bible, each one of which involves three distinct things: partnership, partnering and partners. He then makes a persuasive case that a local assembly of God is a “doctrinal fellowship”. In other words, at its root assembly fellowship is neither a social experience nor a subjective experience but an objective reality; and what will determine if I am in fellowship…

All About the Lord’s Supper (50 min)

PART 2 – John Dennison sets out the Biblical precepts, principles and practices that inform our understanding of the Lord’s Supper or the “breaking of bread”. The Bible’s teaching on the Lord’s Supper isn’t just “narrative”, it’s “normative”! So, why must the bread precede the cup? Why only one loaf and only one cup? Why on the first day of the week, every week? Why not on board a cruise ship while on holiday? And…should the bread be unleavened? John…

Cross-Cultural Evangelism (60 min)

PART 1 – Opening a teaching weekend on basic assembly principles, John Dennison speaks on the need for Christians to engage in cross-cultural evangelism as we seek to see people saved, baptised and gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus in today’s “global culture” –  a culture marked by mass emigration, migration and immigration. He gives examples from years of labour in Mexico and Arizona (USA) as he reports on what the Lord has done through the preaching of…

Learning from Gideon’s Days of Failure (47 min)

PART 5 – John Dennison preaches on Gideon’s days of failure and looks at the various ways in which he was tested and failed. Tested in days of prosperity, days of adversity and days of monotony. Warnings are given about the ease with which any of us could fail, yet encouragement is given that God looks at the whole of one’s life as He evaluates our service for Him (Message preached 30th Oct 2016)

Learning from Gideon’s Days of Frustration (46 min)

PART 4 – John Dennison preaches on Gideon’s days of frustration, as he had to deal with a number of frustrating situations in Judges Ch 8 after the major victory over the Midianite host. Learn the spiritual lessons that can be gleaned from how Gideon dealt with the Ephraimites, the men of Succoth, the men of Penuel and Zebah and Zalmunna, the kings of Midian (Message preached 29th Oct 2016)

Learning from Gideon’s Days of Fighting (46 min)

PART 3 – John Dennison preaches on Gideon’s days of fighting and draws multiple lessons from his battle with the Midianites. Listen as insights are given into the spiritual truths God is teaching us through the divinely guided reduction of Gideon’s army from 32,000 to 300 soldiers. The smallness, emptiness and brokenness of the weapons with which Gideon’s army overcame the enemy are challenging issues for us to face (Message preached 29th Oct 2016)

Learning from Gideon’s Days of Fear (54 min)

PART 2 – John Dennison preaches on Gideon’s days of fear (Judges 6:19-40). God separated Gideon unto Himself from his father’s gods and called him to be His servant, despite his fears. Listen as Mr Dennison outlines Gideon’s concern, his condition, his comprehension, his communication and his circumstances. Included are some helpful insights into the issue of “putting out a fleece” (Message preached Oct 28th 2016)

Learning from Gideon’s Days of Famine (54 min)

PART 1 – John Dennison preaches an introductory message on the life of Gideon drawing practical Biblical lessons from the narrative in Judges 6:1-24. After introducing the book of Judges and outlining the background of the chapter, John speaks on “the crisis of strife” (Midian), “the conviction of sin” (by the prophet’s message), and “the consecration of Gideon the servant” (Message preached Oct 27th 2016)

The Worship of a Young Person (45 min)

Part 5 – The Worship of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on the vital subject of worship and gives guidelines for worship from the life of Isaac. He warns against the twin extremes in worship of emotional excess on the one hand (Ur) and of dry mechanical ritual (Haran) on the other. He explains that God is as interested in how we worship as to the content of our worship. There must be separation, and preparation if there…

The Wedding of a Young Person (48 min)

Part 4 – The Wedding of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches on some scriptural keys to a godly marriage based on the narrative of Mary and Joseph. What was Mary taking into account as she considered marrying Joseph? His maturity, masculinity, testimony, history, spirituality and responsibility. After all, Joseph was to become responsible for Mary’s physical, emotional, moral, financial and spiritual care – no small matter. The challenge? If you’d like to marry a Joseph, be a Mary!…

The Watchfulness of a Young Person (51 min)

Part 3 – The Watchfulness of a Young Person – John Dennison preaches a searching message on “overcoming temptation”, based on the story of Joseph from Genesis 39. Joseph faced dangers from society, from his history, from his attractiveness, from a predatory woman in a position of power – and all while he was alone and far from home. How did Joseph overcome? John Dennison outlines a number of defences that were in place that preserved Joseph and can preserve…

The Waiting of a Young Person (48 min)

Part 2 – The Waiting of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “What is the secret to knowing God’s will?” He gives clear and helpful Biblical guidance on this vital subject, drawing heavily from the experience of the disciples in Acts 1. He emphasises the need for obedience, prayer and patience, and reminds his audience that God is “as interested in the process of us learning His will, as in the product of us doing His will.” John discusses…

The Walk of a Young Person (49 min)

Part 1 – The Walk of a Young Person – John Dennison asks “Is it possible for a young person to walk with God while surrounded on every hand by a godless 21st century western culture?” Yes it is, and Enoch’s example in Genesis 5 shows us how. But what does a walk with God look like? How can I focus on what is pleasing to the Lord, in a self-centred world? John Dennison give sound Biblical counsel and fervent…

God at Work in Mexico (54 min)

John Dennison gives an encouraging report of the Lord’s workings in Mexico. He relates the stories of the planting of 3 assemblies and some remarkable instances of the Lord moving in wonderful ways to save souls in that land (Report given in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)

Devotion to the Will of God (33 min)

John Dennison preaches a challenging message on the devotion of Christ to God, seen in picture in the Hebrew servant of Exodus 21, and the need for us to be devoted to Him too (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)

The Power of Scripture Memorisation (40 min)

John Dennison preaches on the temptation of Christ in the wilderness and, based on how the Lord quoted Deuteronomy three times from memory, prefixed by “It is written”, urges his audience to memorise scripture, to be able to withstand the temptations of Satan with the same rebuke. A challenging message. (Message preached 4th April 2010)

John Dennison – My Conversion and Call (42 min)

John Dennison (Phoenix, USA), relates the story of his conversion to Christ. As a child he attended the Stark Road Gospel Hall in Livonia, Michigan (pictured above) where he heard the gospel and was born again. Baptised there and received into fellowship, the way opened up for service in the gospel as a young man and John was eventually called by the Lord into full-time service for the Lord, a call that took him and his family to Mexico to…

Meditating on the Word of God (49 min)

John Dennison preaches a message on “a holy man and a holy book” from Psalm 1. He issues his audience with a challenge to become men and women who meditate on the word of God (Message preached 1st April 2010)