Canadian testimonies

From Canada, listen to four encouraging stories of conversion to Christ.

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How Do We Know the Bible Has 66 Books? (50 min)

In the fifth of a 7-part series on “How we got our Bible”, Mervyn Hall deals with the topic of canonisation and answers the question “How do we know the Bible has 66 books? Readings: Gal 6:14-16, Luke 11:45-51, 24:25-27, 44, 2 Pet 3:1-3, 14-16, 1 Tim 5:17-18, 1 Cor 13:8-10. (Message preached in Huyton Gospel Hall, Liverpool) Complete series: Part 1 – God has spoken: the nature of divine revelation Part 2 – William Tyndale: to scatter darkness by…

Great Gospel Words – Remission (43 min)

In the first of a series of 6 messages on “great gospel words”, David Gilliland preaches on the topic of the remission, pardon and forgiveness of sins. Readings: Matt 26:26-28, Heb 10:12-18 (Message preached in Northern Ireland) Complete series: Remission of sin Justification Regeneration Redemption Reconciliation Adoption

The Call of Abram (44 min)

THE WORLD’S 7 GREAT CRISES Jeffrey Harrison (1909-1990) preaches on the subject of “the call of Abram”. Abram’s call and sojourn takes place between crisis 3 (Babel) and crisis 4 (Egypt) and sees the beginning of the nation of Israel, who will be pivotal to all of God’s dealings ever after. Readings: Heb 11:8-22. (Message preached in King’s Square Gospel Hall, King’s Square, Gloucester, UK, 11th Feb 1965). (Photo: Beersheba, Israel) Complete series: Part 1 – The Survey of God’s…

Has the Bible Been Changed? (48 min)

In the fourth of a 7-part series on “How we got our Bible”, Mervyn Hall answers the question “Has the Bible been changed?” How do we know that the Bible we have in our hands is the same as was originally given by God? Is our Bible reliable? Mr Hall shows that Scripture’s preservation is defined in the Word of God; preservation is the deliberate work of God; preservation is a demonstration of the wisdom of God; and preservation is…

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