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The Home of Samuel – Character, Crisis and Consecration (38 min)

John Grant (1942-2020) introduces a series of sermons on 1st and 2nd Samuel, and expounds events in 1 Samuel Ch 1, dealing with the character, crisis and consecration in Samuel’s childhood home. Reading: 1 Sam 1:1-28. (Recorded in Scotland) Complete sermon series on Saul, David and Samuel: 1 Sam 1 – Samuel’s Home 1 Sam 2-3 – Samuel’s Call The Loss of the Ark A The Loss of the Ark B The Request for a King The Rejection of Saul…

Why is Jesus the Only Way? (17 min)

Joseph Baker preaches the exclusive way to God. Why does there need to be a way at all? Why is Jesus the only way? How can I get on the way? Reading: John 14:5-6. (Recorded in Chalfont St Peter Gospel Hall, 9th June 2024)

How a Zealous Hutterite Man Found Peace in Christ (36 min)

Cody Waldner grew up on a Hutterite colony in Manitoba, Canada. He kept all the rules, went to church regularly, got sprinkled, took communion, and even studied the Bible in German – but he could find no peace. His sins troubled him and his efforts to make himself acceptable to God weren’t working. At one point he even turned to alcohol just to soothe his pain. Listen to find out how Cody finally found true and lasting peace in Jesus…

The Greatest Love, Loss, Lament and Longing (36 min)

Willie Fenton preaches the gospel and highlights four “greatest things” in the Bible – the greatest love of all, the greatest loss of all, the greatest lament of all and the greatest longing of all. Readings: John 3:14-16, Mark 8:36, Jer 8:20, Luke 16:19-31. (Recorded at the Belfast Easter Conference, 2002)

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