Share a Powerful Testimony on your Phone Today.

Share a Powerful Testimony on your Phone Today.

You can share the gospel anywhere in the world right now from your phone!

Reach out today to a friend, a colleague, a neighbour or a family member.

Cut and paste any of these testimonies into a text, a WhatsApp message or simply share on social media.

The photo, part of the description, and the link, will appear on their phone, giving them the opportunity to click and hear the gospel today.

I Hit Absolute Rock Bottom (41 min)

A Heavy Metal Band Drummer…Transformed! (27 min)

“I hate the way I am. Why is everything so empty?” (29 min)

A Wild Night on Mount Rushmore (36 min)

If there’s a God, why is there all the suffering in the world? (19 min)

Drink and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (49 min)

“A successful lifestyle, but no peace” (53 min)

Part 1 – Out of Drugs. Peter Orasuk’s Conversion (55 min)

A Royal Marine Commando has an encounter with God (36 min)

“I thought the gospel was a big joke.” The Max McLean story (37 min)

“I Chose Never To Attend Another Gospel meeting” (38 min)

“Pleasure was putting myself right out of my mind” (26 min)

The Last Thing I Ever Wanted to Become Was a Christian (45 min)

“One word exploded in my mind: Eternity!” (37 min)

“I thought the Lord had come” (30 min)

“I Said the Rosary Every Night” (34 min)

“If there’s a God, I hate him” (54 min)

“I Didn’t Even Know I Had a Soul” (24 min)

A Devastating Question (31 min)

Football Got a Tremendous Grip on Me (40 min)