Sermons on Assembly Formation and Discovery - Various speakers

Sermons on Assembly Formation and Discovery - Various speakers

Jim Flanigan – “For me, it was like a second conversion” (43 min)

Jim Flanigan (1931-2014) tells the story of how he came from an evangelical denomination into a scripturally gathered local assembly. As a member of his church growing up in Belfast, young Jim just accepted the denominational world around him as normal. He says “I had no idea that assemblies existed”. However, when he learnt the truth of gathering to the Lord’s name, Mr Flanigan says, “For me it was like second conversion”. In this message he outlines, under 4 headings,…

The Gospel among the Hutterite Colonies (31 min)

Jack Gould tells the wonderful story of the progress of the gospel among the Hutterite colonies of Manitoba, Canada. Hutterites are religious group who share a common European ancestry with the Mennonites and Amish, differing with them in that they believe in sharing their possessions in common and thus living in ‘colonies’. Jack Gould has been labouring among the Hutterites for a number of years and here tells the thrilling story of souls being saved and lives being transformed. (Report…

God at Work in Borneo (49 min)

Borneo is the third largest Island in the world, divided politically by three countries. In 2015, an assembly was planted in the city of Kuching (photo above) in Sarawak, Borneo, through the labours of John and Susan See. In this message, John tells his testimony (first 12 minutes) and then relates his call to the work and how the Lord has saved souls and commenced assembly testimony in Kuching. A fascinating and encouraging listen. Reading: Acts 11:19-30. (Report given in…

Harold Paisley – Why I Believe in the Local Assembly (42 min)

In 1993, at the age of 69, Harold Paisley (1924-2015) visited Northern Ireland from Canada. One Saturday evening in October of that year, before a large crowd in his ‘home town’ of Ballymena, he set out what the Bible teaches about the nature, purpose and order of the local assembly. Although born in Lurgan, Harold had grown up in Ballymena, the oldest child of Reverend James Kyle and Mrs Isabella Paisley. (Rev. James was the pastor of the Waveney Road…

Norman Mellish – How I Learned the Truth of the Assembly (38 min)

Norman Mellish was saved as a teenager. You can hear him tell the story of his conversion here. Now, in this recording, he tells the story of his life after God saved him, and how he learnt the truth of the local assembly. In his 20’s Norman got caught up in the Pentecostal Movement, and in a dramatic meeting one evening he had an experience of “speaking in tongues” (he gives some examples!). He then spend 5 years mixed up…

John Grant – How I Found the Assembly (35 min)

John Grant (1942-2020) was from Scotland and travelled widely preaching the Word of God with clarity and energy. A wonderful character, John had a strong sense of humour that was never far away even in the pulpit! Here in this message/testimony John tells the story of his early years, how he was saved and how he found his way to an assembly gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus. (Message preached April 2008)

Report on Gospel Work in Brazil (60 min)

Tom Matthews, a veteran missionary from Lurgan, Northern Ireland, who with his wife Dorothy has served the Lord in Brazil for a number of decades, gives a report of his call to the work there and speaks of how the assembly in Novo Hamburgo was formed through labours in the gospel. He recounts a number of interesting cases of conversion (Report given in Bicester, 21st August 2014)

Assembly Work in Nepal and North East India (59 min)

Mr R. Raghu recounts his call to serve the Lord and reports on the progress of the gospel in the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim, as well as in eastern Nepal. A number of assemblies have been planted in these areas as Hindus and Buddhists and Roman Catholics have turned from idols to serve the living and true God (Report given in Bicester, April 25th 2013)

How I Found the Assembly (43 min)

Frank Sona relates his journey from one church to another until he eventually found, through his own study of the Bible, the pattern of New Testament assembly order and practice, and took his place in such a gathering in Iowa, USA. An interesting and helpful message (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 7th April 2012)

Gospel Work in Brazil (67 min)

James Armstrong from Northern Ireland recounts a most interesting story as to how he was called into full-time service for the Lord in Brazil and then reports on aspects of gospel work in the Rio Grande Do Sul area over the last 14 years (Report given in Bicester, 17th Jan 2012) (Photo above: Porto Alegre, Brazil)

God at Work in Mexico (54 min)

John Dennison gives an encouraging report of the Lord’s workings in Mexico. He relates the stories of the planting of 3 assemblies and some remarkable instances of the Lord moving in wonderful ways to save souls in that land (Report given in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)