Sermons by John See

Sermons by John See

God at Work in Borneo (49 min)

Borneo is the third largest Island in the world, divided politically by three countries. In 2015, an assembly was planted in the city of Kuching (photo above) in Sarawak, Borneo, through the labours of John and Susan See. In this message, John tells his testimony (first 12 minutes) and then relates his call to the work and how the Lord has saved souls and commenced assembly testimony in Kuching. A fascinating and encouraging listen. Reading: Acts 11:19-30. (Report given in…

“What is Life All About?” (29 min)

He called himself an “antichrist”, his god was rock ‘n’ roll, and he was addicted to drink, drugs and cigarettes…but every now and then, Malaysian born Christian-mocking atheist John See, would wonder to himself, “What is life all about?”. John’s journey took many twists and turns but finally, incredibly, through the words of that famous hymn “How Great Thou Art”, he discovered the greatest truth in the universe, that “Jesus died for a sinner like me”! John and his wife…

Lessons from the Life of Joshua (17 min)

John See preaches on the life of Joshua and draws salient and challenging lessons about faith and commitment from this great servant of God (Message preached July 18th 2010) (Photo: Jericho)