Sermons by Albert Leckie

Sermons by Albert Leckie

If Anyone Sins (43 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) preaches on what happens when a believer sins. Says 1 John 2:1: “We have an advocate with the Father”. What is meant by “the advocate” and what is involved in the “advocacy of Christ”? A sermon on the work of Christ in the restoration of the sinning believer. (Message preached in Quarry Lane Gospel Hall, Birmingham, Oct 1974).

Masculine and Feminine Roles in God’s Order (38 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) outlines what the Bible has to say about masculine and feminine roles in the local church, basing his remarks on portions of Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Reading: 1 Tim 5:9-10. (Message preached in Ayr, Scotland, 1980)

4 Things the Lord Became (32 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) preaches a devotional Christ-exalting message on 4 things the Lord became. He became flesh (John 1:14); He became poor (2 Cor 8:9); He became obedient (Phil 2:8); and He became dead (Rev 1:18). (Recorded in Redditch Gospel Hall, UK).

Is Speaking in Tongues for Today? (32 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) preaches on the topic of “speaking in tongues”. He asks what tongues were for. The Bible says they were a sign. In Acts 2, a sign of the resurrection and exaltation of Christ; in Acts 10, a sign of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles; and in Acts 19 a sign of “accomplished redemption”. With these “sign purposes” completed, the sign is no longer required, so tongues in Acts should not be taken…

The Ecumenical Movement Examined (44 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) examines the ecumenical movement – the attempt to link all churches together in global unity – in the light of holy Scripture. In a solidly biblical, heartfelt and searching message, Mr Leckie proves that while the ecumenical movement has no divine sanction, it has developed according to divine prediction. The Bible predicts a future “harlot church” that will ride upon a political antichrist during the tribulation period. Mr Leckie contends that the current ecumenical movement is the…

Albert Leckie – Which Church? (45 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) came from Airdrie in Scotland. Saved early in life, he grew up in a godly Bible-centred home. At fourteen he took employment in a lawyer’s office while attending night classes in Latin and Greek. Albert never married, but devoted his life to the full time study and teaching of the Word of God throughout the UK and further afield. He was well known for leading many Bible Readings in Trimsaran, Largs, Eastbourne, Ayr and London. In this…