Sermons by Harold Paisley

Sermons by Harold Paisley

The Hind of the Morning (42 min)

Harold Paisley preaches on the Lord Jesus as the “hind of the dawn” (Heb: Aijeleth Shahar) from Psalm 22. The hind is a picture of Christ in the mystery of its birth, the manner of its growth, the majesty of its bearing etc. (Recorded in Scotland)

Bethany as the Local Assembly (20 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on the village of Bethany as a picture of the local assembly. Bethany was the place of His person, His precepts and His sympathy. Readings: Luke 9:51-56, 10:38-39, 24:50-51, John 11:33-36, 12:2-3, Acts 1:10-11. (Message preached at Stark Road Gospel Hall conference in Livonia, MI, USA).

Role Models (35 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on two role models in the Bible. Daniel, a role model for men: Ruth a role model for women. Daniel had an excellent spirit; Ruth was a woman of virtue. Readings: Dan 1:3-6, 6:1-3, 9:23, Ruth 1:14-19a, 3:11. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference 1991)

Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross (28 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on the apostle John as “a young man standing at the cross”, drawing out lessons John learned as he stood near to Christ; finishing with John as an old man before the throne. Readings: Psa 37:25, John 19:25-37, Rev 4:1-3, 5:1-10. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference, Easter 1987)

Unforgettable Stories (16 min)

Bible teacher and evangelist Harold Paisley (1924-2015) served the Lord full time for well over 60 years. His many years of labour for the Lord yielded a unique store of unforgettable stories. In a message given in Larne, Northern Ireland, in 1983, Mr Paisley reminisced about the past and told a number of touching, poignant and often humorous anecdotes. The stories from that message have been extracted and put along with photographs in this video.

VIDEO: Harold Paisley on the 2nd Coming of Christ (40 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on the second coming of Christ. He outlines a “9-point programme”, from the rapture of the Church to the Kingdom age, in a wide-ranging message. This video was recorded in October 1997 at the Stark Road Gospel Hall in Livonia, Michigan, USA.

The Hidden Years of the Carpenter of Nazareth (21 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches an unusual word on the hidden years of Christ in Nazareth in 4 parts: the hidden years 1. foreshadowed, 2. foretold, 3. factual, and 4. fruitful. A touching and richly devotional look at the person of Christ that will warm your heart. Readings: Exod 16:33, Isa 50:4, Luke 2:51-52, Heb 4:14-16. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference, 24th March 1989) Further listening: Harold Paisley’s testimony Harold Paisley 50 Years in the Lord’s work Video of…

Bible Reading – The Meal Offering (63 min)

PART 2 of 3 – In the second of a series of 3 Bible Readings on the sweet savour offerings, Harold Paisley opens up “the meal offering”, followed by a discussion verse by verse through Leviticus 2. The other Bible Readings in this series, on Leviticus Chs 1 and 3, were taken by Norman Crawford and Sandy Higgins respectively. Mr Paisley read: Lev 2:1-16, 6:14-12. (Recorded at the Toronto Easter Conference, Friday March 29th 1991) (Image above: the brazen altar…

VIDEO: Albert Hull and Harold Paisley preach the gospel (76 min)

Albert Hull (1936-2015) and Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preach the gospel in November 1997 at the Stark Road Gospel Hall annual conference, in Livonia, Michigan, USA. For related recordings, see: Albert Hull’s story of conversion “God wants your heart” message by Albert Hull Harold Paisley’s testimony of salvation Harold Paisley – 50 years in the Lord’s work    

Harold Paisley – Report on High Street Tent (21 min)

When Frank Knox came to the end of his preaching days in the big Gospel Tent in Belfast, Mr Harold Paisley took on the responsibility of the work. In the early 1960’s, Harold gave a report at the Belfast Easter Conference about those first of his High Street Tent meetings which had upwards of 2,300 attendees on one night. (The singing was raised by David Kane). During the weeks many were saved. When the Tent was burned to the ground.…

Harold Paisley – What Shall I Do With Jesus? (34 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on the haunting question of Pontius Pilate: “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?” (The photo above is of The Pilate Stone, held in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem). This is a question you cannot avoid: what will you do – receive or reject the Son of God? Preaching in a Gospel Tent many years ago, this is Mr Paisley in full flow, telling out the same gospel that so radically changed his…

Harold Paisley – The Power of the Enemy (25 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches a short message on the powerful and dangerous influence of Satan, the enemy of God. Mr Paisley makes reference to various manifestations in society that evidence the power of the devil in our day, as he actively seeks to deceive and damn the souls of men. As the world becomes morally and spiritually darker, what effect is this having on us as Christians? As we draw closer to the Lord’s coming, the need for a “closer…

How the Lord Led Me (42 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) sets out what the Bible teaches about the nature, purpose and order of the local assembly. Mr Paisley grew up in Ballymena, the oldest child of Reverend James Kyle Paisley. Hear him explain how the Lord revealed New Testament church truth to him, and how he followed the Lord’s leading. Readings: Matt 16:17-18, 18:17-20, Acts 2:41-42, 1 Cor 3:16-17, 12:12, 27, Heb 8:5. (Message preached in Ballymena October 1993) Further listening: Harold Paisley’s testimony of salvation Harold…

Not Far from the Kingdom (51 min)

In 1983, Sydney Maxwell (1919-1993) and Harold Paisley (1924-2015) shared a very large Sunday night gospel meeting in a public meeting hall in the town of Larne, Northern Ireland, during the annual conference meetings there. Their messages paralleled one another as they both spoke about being “near the kingdom” and warned their audience that it’s not enough to know all about the blessings of salvation and heaven – if you end up remaining “outside the door”. It was a solemn,…

Harold Paisley – 7 Kisses of the Bible (35 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) visited the UK from Canada in 1983 and took part in the Bible Readings in Larne, Northern Ireland. At the end of the large conference, held in the “Orange Hall” on the Curran Road, when everyone was tired and about ready to go home, he rose and preached an unforgettable message on “7 kisses in the Bible”. It was one of those unique occasions when Mr Paisley, feeling at home among his own countrymen in Co Antrim,…

Harold Paisley – 50 Years in the Work (57 min)

Harold Spurgeon Paisley (1924-2015) tells his testimony elsewhere on this site (HSP testimony) but here in this recording he recalls 50 years of labour in the gospel and in the ministry of the Word. Starting in 1945, the year after he was saved, in Carnlough, Enniskillen and Fivemiletown, Mr Paisley launched out in gospel work. In the early days he worked with men like Thomas Campbell, Joe Stewart and Thomas Wallace. He tells how in 1949 he preached in Mullahara,…

Harold Paisley’s Testimony and Call to the Work (83 min)

In Toronto, Canada, in 1956, on the final night of 5 weeks of gospel meetings, Harold Paisley (1924-2015) related how, when and where he was saved by the grace of God. At the outbreak of World War 2, at age 15, running from his godly upbringing, he joined the RAF, afterwards joining the Mercantile Navy. Then, coming home, he joined the Police in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, but was dismissed due to a lifestyle of drunk and disorderly behaviour. About to…

The Prodigal Son (42 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches the gospel from Luke 15 with particular emphasis on the parable of the Prodigal Son which he likens to himself and his own conversion at the age of 20 (Message preached 4th Nov 2002)