Sermons by Brandon Doll

Sermons by Brandon Doll

When the Lord Tests Us (16 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on three tests in Scripture. When Philip was tested on the Lord’s presence, Israel on the Lord’s promises, and Abraham on the Lord’s purposes. Readings: John 6:5-6, Deut 8:2-3, Gen 22:1-3. (Recorded in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA, 2015)

Sound Doctrine or Smooth Words? (19 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on the need for sound words, rather than smooth words. The prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Amos all had audiences that told them not to prophecy bad things, only smooth things. Today there is a resistance to sound doctrine as of old, and a clamour for smooth words which ultimately accomplish nothing. Readings: 2 Tim 4:1-5, Isa 30:8-13, Jer 10:24, 11:20-22, Amos 7:10-13. (Message preached at Blue River Gospel Hall conference, Wisconsin, USA, 2023)

The Christian’s Confidence (17 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on Caleb’s confidence in God. He stilled the people, he rent his clothes, but through faith in the person and promises of God he wholly followed the Lord into old age, Readings: Num 13:30-33, 14:6, 24, 30, Josh 14:6-15. (Message preached Lancaster, WI, USA, in 2019)

Are You Satisfied with Christ? (13 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on the tendency of the human heart to be dissatisfied with Christ and to retreat from the presence of the Lord, highlighting Adam and Eve, Cain, Jonah and those asked by the Lord “Will you also go away?” Readings: Gen 3:8, 4:16, Jonah 1:3, 10, 4:2, John 6:66-69. (Message preached in Blue River, Wisconsin, USA, 2009)

Reverencing a Real God (24 min)

How real is God to me? Is He a living reality in my life day by day? Brandon Doll preaches on reverencing a real God and the effect that this should have. He develops his theme from three passages in Deuteronomy about fearing the Lord. Readings: Heb 5:7-9, 12:28-29. (Message preached Stout, Iowa, USA, April 2022)

Conformed or Transformed? (11 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on the challenge of Romans 12:1-2 – be not conformed, but be transformed. Israel wanted to be “like the nations”; our temptation is to be “conformed to the world”, but God’s will for us is to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. (Message preached in Highland, WI, USA, 2021)

Is Christ Enough? (25 min)

Peter, the disciple, asked the Lord one day “What shall we have?”, in return for forsaking everything and following Christ. Brandon Doll takes a look at this narrative and asks “Is Christ enough?” Reading: Matt 19:26-20:16. (Message preached at LaCrosse Conference, Wisconsin, USA, in 2019)

Hindrances to Blessing (15 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on hindrances to blessing, notably 4 sins outlined by the Lord: faithlessness, selfishness, prayerlessness and the desire for greatness. Readings: Matt 17:14-21, Luke 9:44-48 (Message preached at La Crosse Conference, USA, 2016)

How Are You Waiting for the Lord? (22 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on 4 people in the gospel of Luke who were waiting for the Kingdom – Simeon, Anna, John the Baptist and Joseph of Arimathea. They were waiting justly, patiently, reverently etc. How are you waiting for the Lord? Readings: Luke 2:25-32, 36-38, 7:20-23, 23:50-54. (Message preached in Highland, WI, USA, 2022)

The Lord is Able to Give You Much More Than This (21 min)

Brandon Doll preaches on the story of Amaziah’s unequal yoke: the logic behind it, the Lord denied, the lessons to be learned and the loss sustained. Unequal yokes are always costly. Before it goes too far, back out, and remember: “The Lord is able to give you much more than this”. Readings: 2 Chron 25:5-11, 2 Cor 6:14-18. (Message preached at Manchester, Iowa, 2021)

“My mother came running with a broken foot!” (27 min)

Brandon Doll (Wisconsin, USA) tells how he came to Christ for salvation in his late teens after quite a struggle with how to know for sure he was saved. The reaction of his overjoyed parents reflects the priority they put on his salvation. Readings: 1 John 5:9-13, Titus 3:4-5a. (Testimony given in Ballymena 27th Jan 2023)