Sermons by Malcolm Radcliffe

Sermons by Malcolm Radcliffe

Ruth Ch 2 (23 min)

Malcolm Radcliffe preaches a message from Ruth Chapter 2 and takes up the subject of gleaning in the field. This chapter is often taken up in relation to the Word of God (“Where have you gleaned today?”) but Mr Radcliffe takes it up as a picture of the local assembly.

A Meditation on Christ’s Miracles (30 min)

Malcolm Radcliffe preaches on the dispensational, practical and evangelistic lessons to be drawn from the unique intertwined narratives of the raising of Jairus’s daughter and the healing of the woman with the issue of blood (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 4th April 2010)

Peter and Christ (23 min)

Speaking from Luke Ch. 5, Malcolm Radcliffe preaches on how Peter lent to Christ, limited Christ, learned of Christ and left all for Christ. He contrasted the letting down of the net with that of the paralyzed man (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 3rd April 2010)