Sermons on Gospel Messages - Various speakers

Sermons on Gospel Messages - Various speakers

The Greatest Blessing, at Chinese New Year (17 min)

At Chinese New Year, Harry Chen (speaking in English and Mandarin) explains how the greatest blessing of having everlasting life can be yours. (Presentation given on 11th Feb 2024 in Victoria Drive Gospel Hall, Vancouver, Canada) Click here for Mr Chen’s Greatest Blessing PowerPoint slides.

How to Obtain Righteousness from God (23 min)

The key issue between God and you is righteousness. In your natural human condition, you are unrighteous. Says the Bible, “There is none righteous, no not one.” Religion cannot change this basic fact. Righteousness is not obtainable by law, works or human effort. However, as Frank Sona explains, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God can declare you righteous, without works on your part. Place your faith for salvation in Jesus Christ alone and God will credit righteousness…

The Gospel Supper (24 min)

The gospel of Jesus Christ is like a grand supper to which all are invited. In this sermon, Peter Orasuk applies the royal feast described in the book of Esther to the gospel, highlighting the feast’s cost, completion, continuance and conditions. Readings: Esther 1:1-5, 12, 4:11, 5:1-2. (Message preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, MI, USA, on 6th Nov 1998)

God Sent His Son (22 min)

John Dennison preaches on the reason why God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world: because humanity is dead, in debt and lost, and can do nothing to save itself. Are you saved? Readings: 1 John 4:9-10, 14. (Sermon preached at the Jackson Gospel Hall annual conference, Michigan, USA, Feb 2023)

Don’t be Scammed (24 min)

Joseph Baker highlights three of the most effective scams Satan uses to prevent people being saved from their sins. Don’t be scammed. Readings: Prov 3;5-6, Gen 3:1-6 (Message preached in the Gospel Hall, Jackson, MI, USA, 15th Jan 2023)

VIDEO: The Crowd’s Choice at the Cross (25 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches on the choice of the crowd on the day Christ was crucified. He highlights the crowd’s denial of Christ, its doubt of Christ and its dishonour of Christ. Be sure to listen to the end to hear Peter tell the story of a man who took a chance he didn’t need to take. Reading: Luke 23:33-43. (Preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, 5th Nov 1998)

VIDEO: The Experience of Two Men (27 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches the gospel from “the experience of two men” in Luke 23:39-43. The thieves on the crosses stand for all of humanity – those who receive Christ and those who reject Him. Peter highlights 3 things the thieves had in common and 3 things that distinguish them. (Sermon preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, Nov 4, 1998)

VIDEO: You Must Be Born Again (26 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches on the key Bible verse, “You must be born again”. The Lord Jesus said these words to a leading religious leader called Nicodemus. Listen as Peter speaks about a man who was shocked, silenced and saved. If Nicodemus needed to be born again, so do you. Reading: John 3:1-14, 30 (Message preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, November 1998) Other messages by Peter Orasuk

VIDEO: Albert Hull and Harold Paisley preach the gospel (76 min)

Albert Hull (1936-2015) and Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preach the gospel in November 1997 at the Stark Road Gospel Hall annual conference, in Livonia, Michigan, USA. For related recordings, see: Albert Hull’s story of conversion “God wants your heart” message by Albert Hull Harold Paisley’s testimony of salvation Harold Paisley – 50 years in the Lord’s work