Sermons by Peter Orasuk

Sermons by Peter Orasuk

VIDEO: The Crowd’s Choice at the Cross (25 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches on the choice of the crowd on the day Christ was crucified. He highlights the crowd’s denial of Christ, its doubt of Christ and its dishonour of Christ. Be sure to listen to the end to hear Peter tell the story of a man who took a chance he didn’t need to take. Reading: Luke 23:33-43. (Preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, 5th Nov 1998)

VIDEO: The Experience of Two Men (27 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches the gospel from “the experience of two men” in Luke 23:39-43. The thieves on the crosses stand for all of humanity – those who receive Christ and those who reject Him. Peter highlights 3 things the thieves had in common and 3 things that distinguish them. (Sermon preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, Nov 4, 1998)

VIDEO: You Must Be Born Again (26 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches on the key Bible verse, “You must be born again”. The Lord Jesus said these words to a leading religious leader called Nicodemus. Listen as Peter speaks about a man who was shocked, silenced and saved. If Nicodemus needed to be born again, so do you. Reading: John 3:1-14, 30 (Message preached in Stark Road Gospel Hall, Livonia, Michigan, USA, November 1998) Other messages by Peter Orasuk

The Cost of Loyalty to the Captain in the Cave (53 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches on David in the cave Adullam as a picture of Christ among His people in the present dispensation. He draws numerous helpful and practical lessons from the narrative, adding in some pertinent Orasuk illustrations. Readings: 1 Sam 16:12-13, 17:8-11, 17, 25, 34-36, 40-51, 22:1-2, 2 Sam 2:1-4, Matt 18:20, Heb 13: (Message preached in Dunmurry, 2000)

Are you waiting for a feeling? (19 min)

Many people are not saved because, consciously or unconsciously, they are waiting for some kind of feeling. Until they get this feeling, they think they can’t know they are saved. Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) preaches helpfully on this topic from the story of a man in the Bible who trusted his feelings instead of a spoken word. What are you going to go with: your feelings, or God’s word? Readings: Gen 27:5-10, 18-23, John 5:24.

You Did Run Well… (9 min)

Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) preaches on the powerful words in Gal 5:7 “You did run well”. How many Christians start well, but issues like legalism, licentiousness and lethargy cross their path and their progress is hindered. This short but powerful message from Peter is a reminder of the need to persevere in the Christian race and not be side-tracked. (Message preached in the Maritimes, Canada)

Three Days’ Journey (25 min)

This message will do your heart good! Seven years after he was saved, Peter Orasuk, still clearly wondering at the grace of God in his life, preached in his home assembly, gathered in the Charlottetown Gospel Hall, Prince Edward Island, Canada, on the “three days’ journey” Israel took as they left Egypt. He links the three days’s distance from Egypt with salvation, baptism and fellowship in Acts 2:42. Are you willing to go all three days or accept one of…

VIDEO – Peter Orasuk’s Life Story (58 min)

On 20th November 1998, Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) told his life story in Stark Road Gospel Hall, in Livonia, Michigan, USA. Thankfully a video of the occasion has been preserved. Raised in a strict home and taught traditional values as a child, Peter Orasuk got in with a rough crowd in his youth and ended up a drug addict and dealer, eventually finding himself behind bars. His was the party lifestyle, constantly flirting with danger, always knowing his next fix could…

Assembly Unity (44 min)

Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) from Prince Edward Island, in Canada, preaches a powerful word on assembly unity: the means of it, the manifestation of it, the maintenance of it, the marring of it, and the ministry of it. Readings: Psa 133:1-3, Eph 2:4-6, 14-15, 1 Cor 10:16-17, Phil 2:4-13, 4:1-3. (Message preached in North America). Peter Orasuk’s Testimony – Part 1 Peter Orasuk’s Testimony – Part 2.  

Part 1 – Out of Drugs. Peter Orasuk’s Conversion (55 min)

Raised in a strict home and taught traditional values as a child, Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) got in with a rough crowd in his youth and ended up a drug addict and dealer, and eventually behind bars. His was the party lifestyle, constantly flirting with danger, always knowing his next fix could be his last. But, in 1976, by a remarkable series of events, light came into Peter’s darkness. Through the gospel message in the Bible he was completely and miraculously…

Part 2 – The Rest of Peter Orasuk’s Life Story (49 min)

Parties, drugs, violence, debt, jail…”then Jesus came and bade his darkness flee”. Peter Orasuk’s (1948-2005) remarkable story of conversion has gone all around the world and been used by God to bless many people. But what happened next? How did life turn out for the former conman and chronic addict from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada? Is God’s salvation real? Does it really change people from the inside out? Does it last? In this recording, from October 1997, Peter tells…

Every Mouth Stopped (52 min)

In a powerful gospel meeting, Peter Orasuk opens by describing the court scene in the epistle to the Romans that culminates in “every mouth being stopped” as the sentence of condemnation rings out. Mr Murray McCandless follows with a second message in which he preaches on Christ as the door to heaven. Messages preached in Feb 2001 in Ballymena.

The Assembly Prayer Meeting (44 min)

You will go a long way before you hear a more practical message than this! Peter Orasuk preaches on the local assembly prayer meeting under 5 headings: the conviction of it, the conditions of it, the care found in it, the consideration needed in it, and the contribution to it by the sisters. Stirring stuff! Readings: 1 Cor 1:2, 1 Tim 2:1-12 (Message given in Ontario, Canada)

The Influence of One Man (45 min)

Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) preaches a powerful and challenging message on the power of influence to affect others, using the lives and examples of two men: Peter, whose discouragement and departure affected others negatively (John 21:1-3) and Joshua, whose godly desire and determination affected others positively (Josh 24:14-19). As was his habit, Peter Orasuk wove numerous unforgettable stories into his message illustrate his point. He makes use of Rom 14:7 “No man lives to himself” (admittedly out of context) to make…

What is Your Spiritual Geography? (24 min)

Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) preaches on the “spiritual geography” of every man or woman “in Adam”. The following 4 things describe the spiritual position of human beings in their natural state outside of Christ. They have: “Wrath above” them (John 3:36) “Hell beneath” them (Isa 14:9) “Sin behind” them (Num 32:23) “Judgment ahead” of them (Heb 9:27) But, when a person becomes saved, everything changes. All things become new for those who are “in Christ” (2 Cor 15:22). In this message…

Peter Orasuk – Restoration (35 min)

Peter Orasuk (1948-2005) is best known for his testimony, but he was also a gifted encourager in ministry! Murray McCandless wrote of him: “After conversion, Peter became an avid student of the Word and continued until his health started to steal his ability to concentrate. He spent hours in it, enjoyed it, shared it, and became a channel of blessing to those who listened to his ministry. I understand the Word of God reveals itself to our hearts, but I…

Wake up! – Gospel Message (38 min)

Peter Orasuk preaches the gospel with a sermon called “A Wake Up Call”. He includes a dramatic Niagara Falls illustration told as only Peter Orasuk could tell it (Message preached in Bicester in June 2003)

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – One Thing (36 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued through the 19th week, further blessing came and the meetings were extended until Sunday June 4th. On Wednesday 31st May Peter Orasuk went first and preached on 4 trumpets. A trumpet of warning (Eze 33:1-8), a trumpet of waiting (1 Thess 4:15-18), a trumpet of awakening (1 Cor 15:51-52) and trumpets of wrath (Rev 8:2-11). Murray McCandless followed with a message centred around three mentions in the Bible of “one thing”. One thing neglected, one thing…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – “Remember” (48 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued into their 19th and last week, on Sunday 28th May 2000 Mr Murray McCandless announced that the final meeting would be Wednesday 31st May. The meeting then began with a hymn that had become a favourite in the meetings, “It’s all taken away”. Murray then preached on the man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho (Lu 10:30-36) as a picture of someone on the broad road to destruction. Peter Orasuk followed with a mighty message…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – The Scriptures (48 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued back in the Milburn Centre (pictured above), on the Monday of week 18 (22nd May 2000) it was announced that “this is the last week”; the meetings will conclude on Sunday 28th May. Murray McCandless preached on “the Scriptures”. The unbreakable, unbendable, undeniable Scriptures are also “understandable”. Some of you have known them since childhood, but have you obeyed the gospel they contain? (Readings: 2 Tim 3:15, John 10:35, 5:39, 1 Cor 15:3-3). Peter Orasuk continued…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – Conscience (48 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued in the Tent, on the Thursday of week 17 (18th May 2000) Murray McCandless preached from John 8:3-12 on the subject of “conscience” under 4 headings: 1. convicted by conscience, 2. controlled by conscience, 3. condemned by conscience, and finally 4. a conscience cleared. Peter Orasuk followed with a mighty word on the value of a soul. He used three examples of people who “sold their souls” cheaply: Esau for pleasure, Judas for possessions, and Pilate…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – God’s Standard (44 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued, a Gospel Tent had to be erected on Sidney Scott’s land because the Community Centre was not available for three weeks. This was the third location that had been used over the months, but the blessing continued. On the Tuesday of week 17 (16th May 2000), under the canvas, Murray McCandless preached on “God’s standard” from Romans 3:10-23. God is a holy God of inflexible righteousness. We come short of his measurement; we are found wanting…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – Three Musts (43 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued, on the Wednesday of week 13 (19th April 2000) Peter Orasuk preached on the three “musts” in John Ch 3. Nicodemus was first of all shocked, then silenced (because he didn’t know how to be born again), and finally saved. Murray McCandless followed with a striking message marked by unusual power and pathos based on Luke 13:29 “They shall come from the East, and from the West, and from the North, and from the South.”…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – The Cup (40 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued, on the Monday of week 12 (Mon 10th April 2000) Murray McCandless preached an unusal but solemn message on Bible cups. A cup being filled (Gen 15:16); a cup over-filled (Luke 3:18-20) and a cup emptied (John 18:11, 19:29-30). You are filing a cup every day you live without Christ – a cup that will overflow one day and bring judgment. Look at the lives of Belshazzar, Saul, Herod, Judas and Pilate and remember: there’s…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – When, Where and How (45 min)

With blessing in weeks 10 and 11, the Coleraine meetings were extended. On Sunday 9th April 2000, at the start of week 12, Peter Orasuk read about the “second death” and the “second birth” (Rev 20:11-15, John 3:3-7). You must have the second birth to avoid the second death. So: when, where and how were you born again? Peter told with warmth and fondness of the spot in house of Albert Ramsay in Prince Edward Island where he was saved.…

Coleraine 20th Anniversary – “The Way of Cain” (48 min)

As the Coleraine meetings continued, the evangelist Peter Orasuk from Prince Edward Island, Canada, arrived in late Feb 2000 to join Murray McCandless and help in the meetings. Soon after, Murray’s dear and godly mother, Ruth McCandless, was suddenly called home to heaven. Peter continued the meetings while Murray went home to Canada for the funeral. With Murray back from Canada, both evangelists preached away nightly through the month of March and a number of souls were saved. Then on…