Sermons on The Ministry of Women - Various speakers

Sermons on The Ministry of Women - Various speakers

Masculine and Feminine Roles in God’s Order (38 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) outlines what the Bible has to say about masculine and feminine roles in the local church, basing his remarks on portions of Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Reading: 1 Tim 5:9-10. (Message preached in Ayr, Scotland, 1980)

Prayer, Participation and Adornment (48 min)

Robert McPheat (1933-1990) looks at Paul’s teaching on prayer, participation and adornment in 1 Timothy Ch 2, highlighting important related themes and making practical applications. (Message preached in Windsor Gospel Hall, Northern Ireland).

What Does “Teachers of Good Things” Mean in Titus 2? (17 min)

Michael Penfold examines the expression “teachers of good things”, which is sometimes cited as an endorsement of “women’s ministry”, and looks at the parties involved in the teaching, the content of the teaching and the context of the passage. (From a message on Titus 2 preached in Chalfont St Peter, 25th Sept 2022)

The Roles of Men and Women in the Assembly (17 min)

Jack Hunter (1916-1994) preaches on the roles of the two sexes from the pivotal New Testament passage of 1 Tim 2:8-15, in which the apostle Paul goes back to creation to explain the roles of men and women in the local assembly. (Preached in Ayr, Scotland, in 1993)

Women’s Ministry (28 min)

Andrew Ussher speaks on the “ministry of women” from the Pastoral Epistles. He takes up various topics such as adornment, learning, acceptance of one’s role, character, excelling for God and mentoring the next generation. Readings: 1 Tim 2:9-15, 3:11, 5:9-10, 14, Titus 2:1-5. (Preached in North America, 29th Sept 2019)

Is the Ministry of Women Public? (61 min)

PART 6 of 6 – In the final part of a series of 6 messages on “Questions about the assembly”, Tom Bentley (1924-2011) answers the question, “Is the ministry of women public?” He takes up the three main passages about this issue in the New Testament and then divides his remarks up into three sections: women in the creation of God, women in the revelation of God, and women in the administration of God. Readings: 1 Cor 11:1-16, 14:26, 34-40,…

“I’m a sister. What can I do?” (44 min)

What is a sister’s ministry and what role can sisters play in the service of the Lord? Living, as we do, in a culture that promotes feminism and much else that is contrary to Scripture, it is vital for us to understand exactly what the Bible says on this issue and why. Michael Penfold outlines 5 particular avenues of service that are open to and designed for Christian women and seeks to strengthen and encourage sisters in fulfilling their potential…

Should Women Wear Head Coverings? (50 min)

“Should women wear head coverings?” is a hugely significant question. It involves, among other things, the great doctrine of headship, the inspiration of Scripture, the distinction between the genders of male and female, and local church order. In this helpful message, David Gilliland sets out to answer what headship is, why women should wear head coverings, and what the head covering symbolises. In the process he answers questions like “Why does Paul seem to contradict himself between 1 Cor 11:5…

Headship and the Head Covering (49 min)

PART 4 – John Dennison works his way down 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (and 1 Cor 14:33-36) and deals with the Biblical subject of “the hierarchy of headship”, explaining 1. what it means for male and female roles in the local assembly and 2. how its symbolic display is seen in head coverings and hair length. He shows clearly that head coverings are not a “cultural issue” but rather something required of assemblies in all cultures, times and places. He explains…

Male and Female Roles in the Local Assembly (23 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the different roles of men and women in a local New Testament assembly. He discusses the distinctions in role, remit and responsibility that are outlined in passages such as 1 Corinthians Ch 14 and 1 Timothy Ch 2. The topics of subjection vs authority and silence vs speaking are examined in the light of scripture (Message preached 12th May 2013)

The Role of Women (36 min)

David West preaches on the subject of “the role of women in a New Testament assembly”. After setting the context, David West works his way through 1 Tim 2:9-15 line by line, and outlines the Bible’s teaching on sisters’ sobriety, silence, subjection and salvation (Message preached 26th Apr 2012)