Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

The Assembly Prayer Meeting (44 min)

You will go a long way before you hear a more practical message than this! Peter Orasuk preaches on the local assembly prayer meeting under 5 headings: the conviction of it, the conditions of it, the care found in it, the consideration needed in it, and the contribution to it by the sisters. Stirring stuff! Readings: 1 Cor 1:2, 1 Tim 2:1-12 (Message given in Ontario, Canada)

The Landmark of the Prayer Meeting (18 min)

Jon Procopio preaches a rousing message about the importance of the assembly prayer meeting. In the first 8 minutes of his message he speaks about the prohibitions in Prov 22:28 and 23:10 against “removing the landmarks” and makes the point that the first landmark many Christians remove in their lives is attendance at the assembly prayer meeting. The vital part that the assembly prayer meeting plays in the life of the Christian and the local assembly is highlighted powerfully in…

Jimmy Paton – Lessons on Prayer (37 min)

Jimmy Paton (1914-1999) from Ayrshire, Scotland, was converted to Christ at the age of 15. A slater and plasterer by trade, Jimmy was a big man with a soft heart who had a unique gift in the ministry of the Word. Encouraged and greatly helped by men like John Douglas and Willie Trew, Jimmy was much used in instructing the Lord’s people through devotional and practical Bible teaching. When he spoke on the person of Christ, he was especially choice,…

Pray Without Ceasing (42 min)

From 1 Thess 5:17, “Pray without ceasing”, Ian Jackson preaches on the need for private, fervent, believing prayer in the life of every Christian. “The secret of failure, is failure in secret”. He urges us to be more prayerful and gives guidance on how to address God in prayer¬† (Message preached in Bicester, Easter Apr 20th 2019)