Sermons on Gospel Sermons (Page 2)

Sermons on Gospel Sermons (Page 2)

A Matter of Eternity (43 min)

On September 15th 2008 the unthinkable happened. The famous investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, setting off an international banking crisis that threatened the entire world financial system. There followed a stock market meltdown, a global economic downturn and the greatest world recession since the 1930’s. During this time, Ian Jackson preached a sermon that he entitled A Matter of History, a Matter of Necessity and a Matter of Eternity (based on John Ch 3:14-15). Find somewhere quiet and peaceful today…

Man’s Fall and God’s Call (39 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on “man’s Fall” and “God’s Call”, answering the question “If there’s a God why is there evil in the world?” and challenging the audience as to their own sin and need (Message preached 28th Sept 2008)

A Bad Man Saved: a Good Man Lost (22 min)

Faced with an audience of people who considered themselves to be good-living upright people and who, at the same time, despised others who they considered lower than themselves, the Lord Jesus related the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector (Recorded in Luke’s gospel Ch 18:9-14). Michael Penfold preaches the gospel from this passage in a message directed at people who are religious but unconverted (Message preached 2008) (Painting: “The Pharisee and the Publican” by James Tissot, 1836-1902)

You Must Be Born Again (38 min)

Murray McCandless preaches on the the Lord’s words: “You must be born again”, as well as the narrative of the serpent on the pole from Numbers Ch. 21 (Message preached April 12th 2008)

Where art thou? (38 min)

Murray McCandless preaches on God’s question to Adam – “Where art thou?” and challenges the audience to “get located” as to where they stand before God (Preached in Bicester April 8th 2008)

What Must I Do To Be Saved? (37 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on the Philippian Jailor’s question, “What Must I Do To Be Saved?” from Acts 16 and delivers a helpful message pointing to Christ as the only way of salvation. (Recorded 16th Nov 2007).

How Long Will Your Journey Be? (42 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on the question, “How Long Will Your Journey Be?” from Nehemiah 2, using it as a springboard to warn about the brevity of life and the sobering reality of eternity (Preached in Bicester 15th Nov 2007).

What is Truth? (37 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on Pilate’s question, “What is Truth?” God is a God of truth and His gospel promises can be trusted for eternal assurance of salvation (Preached in Bicester 14th Nov 2007).

Who Shall Deliver Me? (38 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on the question, “Who Shall Deliver Me?” from Romans 7. He looks at the problem of sin under 4 metaphors and gives the answer through the delivering power of the gospel (Preached in Bicester 13th Nov 2007).

How Can I Be Born Again? (38 min)

Gene Higgins preaches on the question, “How Can I be Born Again?” from John 3. He outlines the essential need for and the Biblical nature of the salvation experience called the ‘new birth’ (Message preached 12th Nov 2007).

What Does it Mean to be Born Again? (28 min)

The Lord Jesus told Nicodemus “You must be born again” (John 3:7). But what does it mean to be born again? Michael Penfold preaches on how to be born again, outlining the need, nature and results of the new birth. (Recorded 7th Jan 2007)

The Prodigal Son (42 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches the gospel from Luke 15 with particular emphasis on the parable of the Prodigal Son which he likens to himself and his own conversion at the age of 20 (Message preached 4th Nov 2002)
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