Sermons by Tommy Wright

Sermons by Tommy Wright

“So, you’ve chosen the world” (15 min)

Tommy Wright relates the story of his conversion to Christ in 1952. As is common with young people, on entering his teens, Tommy began to drift away from interest in the gospel and tried to get out of “going to meetings”. But the godly influence of his mother prevailed. With tears in her eyes one day she said to Tommy “So, you’ve chosen the world”. Listen to hear how God used this in Tommy’s awakening and salvation. (Testimony in Bicester…

Heaven and Hell (45 min)

Wesley Martin preaches on “A Place called Heaven” and Tommy Wright closes with a message from Luke Ch 16 on “A Place Called Hell” (Messages preached in Bicester 17th Aug 2009).

“Himself for Me” (46 min)

Tommy Wright preaches on “Go to the ant thou sluggard” and Wesley Martin follows with a very helpful message highlighting two expressions in the Bible: “Me a sinner” and “Himself for me”. (Gospel messages preached in Bicester 2nd Aug 2009)