Sermons on Doctrinal Subjects (Page 3)

Sermons on Doctrinal Subjects (Page 3)

What is Redemption? (28 min)

Mervyn Hall expounds the truth of redemption, which he defines as “to deliver in full by buying back”. Different Bible root words are examined as the truth of sinners being set free from the slave market of sin is examined (Message preached 19th June 2011)

What is Justification by Faith? (24 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on “justification”. He clears up the Reformed confusion which says that the righteous life of Christ is imputed to the sinner, explaining instead that “righteousness from God” is imputed on the basis of the death of Christ (Message preached 5th June 2011)

What is Propitiation? (26 min)

Michael Penfold expounds how the gospel meets the real need of the sinner – cleansing, justification, reconciliation etc. – all of which are based on the propitiation made at the cross (Message given 29th May 2011)

The Cross, Blood and Death of Christ (24 min)

Mervyn Hall outlines the doctrinal meaning behind the cross, the blood and the death of Christ. Some distinctions between these themes are explained, but care is taken to show that they form a glorious whole as to the finished work of Christ (Message preached 22nd May 2011)

The New Covenant (61 min)

THE NEW COVENANT – David Gilliland preaches on the need for a new covenant – to touch what none of the previous covenants touched – the heart of man! He explains what relationship the church has to the New Covenant. Finally, he explains how all the covenants dovetail together to guarantee the seed, the land and the blessing through Christ (Message preached 20th May 2011)

The Davidic Covenant (54 min)

DAVIDIC COVENANT – David Gilliland outlines how that God, having guaranteed the realm, the race and the righteousness of the future creation through the first three covenants, now guarantees the future Ruler – Christ, the son of David – through the Davidic covenant (Message preached 19th May 2011)

Mosaic Covenant (50 min)

MOSAIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the format, formalization, function and fragility of the covenant made at Sinai with Israel. He helpfully differentiates between a one way “royal grant” covenant (Abrahamic) and a two way “suzerainty covenant” (Mosaic) (Message preached 18th May 2011)

The Abrahamic Covenant (64 min)

ABRAHAMIC COVENANT – David Gilliland explains the various types of covenant in scripture (signature, salt, shoe and sacrifice). He then outlines the recipient, the revelation, the ratification, the realisation and the remembrance connected with the Abrahamic covenant. He calls the Abrahamic covenant the “biggest covenant in history” (Message preached 17th May 2011)

Noahic Covenant (55 min)

INTRODUCTION & NOAHIC COVENANT – David Gilliland gives an introduction to the subject of the 5 divine covenants of scripture, which he calls “stepping stones along God’s path through history in His programme of restoring a fallen creation”. He then examines the first – the Noahic – and explains its purpose, promises, prohibitions and permanence (Message preached 16th May 2011)

The Necessity of the Cross (27 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the necessity of the cross and the suitability of Christ as Saviour. Both Christ and His cross were divinely appointed and prophetically predicted. Mervyn explains why God’s remedy, “Christ crucified”, is the only way to heaven (Message preached 15th May 2011)

Why Good Works Cannot Save (24 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the futility of good works to merit salvation. He explains why God views such good works as filthy rags, and outlines ways in which this can be expounded effectively in gospel preaching (Message preached May 1st 2011)

Revision of Basic Principles (46 min)

Wesley Martin preaches a comprehensive and helpful message called “A first century template for 21st century testimony”. He outlines “salvation and its reality”, “baptism and its necessity”, “gathering and its authority” and “commitment and its priority” (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 23rd April 2011)

The Wrath and Judgment of God (24 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the vital subject of the judgment of God – its reality, solemnity, eventuality, unavoidability, accuracy and finality. He speaks of God’s wrath approaching, accumulating, abiding and appeased (Message given 17th April 2011)

God’s Right to Judge Sin and Sinner (23 min)

Mervyn Hall expounds upon the theme of God’s eternal, creatorial and legal right to judge sin and sinners. He outlines three results of God’s holy character and His righteous demands against sin – death in Adam, eternal punishment, and the propitiatory satisfaction made in the death of Christ on the cross (Message preached 20th Mar 2011)

The World’s False Measures of Justice (30 min)

Mervyn Hall examines 4 of the world’s false philosophies – utilitarianism, libertarianism, Kantianism and Aristotelianism – and explains how these systems of thought have corrupted sinful man’s view of God’s justice and His judgment on sin (Message preached 13th Mar 2011)

An Examination of the Contemporary Gospel (43 min)

PART 3 – Michael Penfold examines the “contemporary gospel”. He argues that the modern message lacks essential elements in connection with repentance and faith, and that the modern methods involving drama and music are unbiblical and counterproductive. The mandate, method and message of the true gospel are outlined. (Message preached in the Gove Hall, Ealing, London, 5th Mar 2011)

Should Assemblies Embrace Contemporary Worship? (51 min)

PART 2 – Michael Penfold addresses the issue of the contemporary worship movement. He contends that rock music is worldly and unsuitable for use in the worship of God. New actions, appointments, arrangements and accompaniments are all examined. (Message preached in the Grove Hall, Ealing, London, 5th Mar 2011)

Tongues, Healing and Baptism in the Spirit (50 min)

PART 1 – Michael Penfold preaches on the subjects of speaking in tongues, miraculous healing and baptism in the Spirit, explaining the purpose, power, pattern and period of the apostolic sign gifts. He mentions the Alpha Course and other influential charismatic phenomena. (Message preached in the Gove Hall, Ealing, London, 5th Mar 2011)

The Nature of the Sinner’s Need (23 min)

Michael Penfold gives a 12-point description of the sinner (rebellious, dead, lost, guilty etc.), outlining the stark Biblical picture of the sinner’s true condition “under sin” and “under sentence” (Message preached 20th Feb 2011)

Man’s Position Before God (26 min)

“What is man?” Mervyn Hall expounds on the nature of man: uniquely privileged and blessed, yet falling into a state of sin, death and condemnation through his rebellion in the garden of Eden (Message preached 6th Feb 2011)

The Gospel Must be God-Centred (27 min)

Mervyn Hall expounds on the need to keep gospel preaching “God-centred”. He includes some interesting comments on the best-selling Campus Crusade tract “The 4 Spiritual Laws” (Message preached 9th Jan 2011)

Why God Chose Preaching (21 min)

Michael Penfold sets forth numerous reasons why drama is an unsuitable method of communicating the gospel, and explains why God specifically ordained the means of “preaching” (Message preached 21st Nov 2010)

The Source and Immutability of the Gospel (24 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the source of the gospel message, explaining that it is a sacred immutable deposit that God gave to Paul, about man’s ruin, God’s remedy and man’s responsibility to repent and believe (Message preached 7th Nov 2010)

The Grace, Mercy and Love of God (43 min)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD – Mervyn Hall preaches on the love, grace and mercy of God under the following headings – love, His position; grace, His disposition and mercy, His interposition (Message preached 4th Feb 2010)

The Omnicience of God (44 min)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD – David West speaks from Psalm 139 on the omniscience of God past, present and future. He explains that each person in the Godhead shares the characteristic of omniscience in equal measure (Message preached 21st Jan 2010)

The Holiness of God (40 min)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD – Working from Hebrews 10, Scott Dunn preaches on God’s holiness. He defines his subject and traces how God has revealed His holiness to His people and the world (Message preached 14th Jan 2010)

The Bible and Its Critics (35 min)

PART 3. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Critics”. He traces 2,000 years of attacks on the Bible from ritualists, philosophers, scientists, historians, sects and scoffers and refutes them all (Message preached 18th December 2008)

The Bible and Its Capabilities (41 min)

PART 2. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Capabilities”. The Bible is able to convict, convert, cleanse, counsel and comfort. An excellent, uplifting word of ministry (Message preached 11th December 2008)

The Bible and Its Contents (39 min)

PART 1. Peter Scarsbrook preaches on “The Bible and Its Contents”. He gives a broad outline of early Genesis before tracing four threads through the Bible – humanity, Israel, the Messiah and the church (Message preached 4th December 2008)

The Doctrine of Eternal Security (52 min)

Marcus Hall (1938-2021) preaches on ‘eternal security’ and proves from multiple texts that believers cannot lose their salvation. He also explains the real meaning of the difficult Hebrews passages (Ch 6 & 10) (Recorded 10th July 2008)

The Doctrine of Salvation (55 min)

FAITH & SALVATION – Walter Boyd preaches on the subjects of faith and salvation. He explains that salvation has a past, present and future aspect and reveals nine blessings that came to us the moment we were saved (Message preached 26th June 2008)

The Doctrine of the Afterlife (31 min)

HEAVEN & HELL – Kevin Oh preaches on the doctrine of the afterlife under the headings of Region, Reality, Recompense, Rejection and Relevance. A clear exposition of the subject (Message preached 19th June 2008)

What is Repentance? (41 min)

REPENTANCE – Michael Browne preaches on the vital doctrine of repentance. He contends there is no salvation without it. He defines the meaning and relevance of this subject in today’s evangelism (Message preached 12th June 2008)

The Doctrine of Sin (37 min)

SIN – Michael Penfold defines the doctrine of sin, outlining its origin, results & scope, as well as explaining its relation to the law & judgment of God. Also included is a look at the believer’s standing & state (Message preached 5th June 2008)

What is Redemption? (34 min)

REDEMPTION – Norman Clay teaches on the subject of redemption, outlining the price paid through the Saviour’s precious blood to set free the slaves of sin (Message preached 14th June 2007)

What is Justification? (23 min)

JUSTIFICATION – Gwyn Cummins teaches on the subject of justification by faith, expounding its significance as the way in which sinners are declared righteous before God (Message preached 7th June 2007)

What is Sanctification? (39 min)

SANCTIFICATION – Kevin Oh teaches on the subject of sanctification, outlining the difference between positional sanctification at conversion and ongoing daily sanctification in the life of a believer (Message preached 17th May 2007)

What is Election? (57 min)

ELECTION – Walter Boyd teaches on the difficult subject of election. He pays particular attention to Ephesians 1:4 where the saved are said to have been “chosen in Christ”. Helpful in understanding some of the concepts in Calvinism. (Recorded 10th May 2007)

What is Regeneration? (40 min)

REGENERATION – Scott Dunn teaches on the subject of regeneration and expounds on the meaning of the new birth by the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God (Message preached 3rd May 2007)

The Righteousness of God (50 min)

Ian Jackson expounds on the righteousness of God from the epistle to the Romans and gives an explanation of how the gospel should be preached (Ministry given 9th April 2007)

What is Propitiation? (37 min)

PROPITIATION – Michael Penfold teaches on the subject of propitiation – the sacrifice of Christ that satisfies the just demands of God against sin and appeases His wrath. He explains that ‘atonement’ is the Old Testament equivalent of the New Testament concept of ‘propitiation’ (Message preached 29th March 2007)

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (32 min)

Dan Gillies outlines five references to the Holy Spirit in Ephesians and brings practical teaching to bear on subjects like the sealing, filling and grieving of the Holy Spirit (Message preached at Bicester, Easter 28th March 2005)