Unforgettable Stories (32 min)

In a recording from 1983, Mr Eddie Fairfield (1902-1994) tells a number of stories about his conversion, baptism, service and call to the mission field of Venezuela. In the group photograph, taken in Venezuela in 1957, Mr Fairfield is 4th from the left on the row of seated men. 5th from the left is William Williams, author of “It Can Be Done”, a book relating the spread of the gospel in Venezuela in the early 20th Century. The lady in…

Unforgettable Stories (36 min)

In 1930, Lennon Knox McIlwaine (1898-1984) and his beloved wife Sarah, arrived in Nova Scotia from Northern Ireland, having been called by God to preach the gospel to the Maritime people of Canada. Robert McIlwaine (1925-2021), their son, visited the UK in 1987 and related the stirring story of the faith-filled labours of his parents, himself and others who, during the years of the great depression and through World War 2 and beyond, laboured in all weathers, against much opposition,…

Unforgettable Stories (2 min)

The evangelist Frank Knox (1884-1975) preached annually for many years in a large Tent in Belfast to thousands of people. His labours were blessed with many souls being awakened and delivered, even when World War 2 raged on. In the 18th year of his Belfast Tent meetings, Mr Knox recounted his story of conversion. Towards the end of his testimony he quoted, likely from memory, most of his own poem H.A.T.H., which summarises how he was saved on the roof…

Unforgettable Stories (19 min)

Evangelist Sydney Maxwell (1919-1993) preached the Word in the UK and North American for many years. He was a warm-hearted teacher and exhorter and a great story teller too. In September 1993 in Larne, Northern Ireland, he related the story of his life and labours. The stories from that message have been extracted and put along with photographs in this video.

Unforgettable Stories (16 min)

Bible teacher and evangelist Harold Paisley (1924-2015) served the Lord full time for well over 60 years. His many years of labour for the Lord yielded a unique store of unforgettable stories. In a message given in Larne, Northern Ireland, in 1983, Mr Paisley reminisced about the past and told a number of touching, poignant and often humorous anecdotes. The stories from that message have been extracted and put along with photographs in this video.