Sermons by Albert Ramsay

Sermons by Albert Ramsay

One Red Hot Christian Can Do Exploits (14 min)

Albert Ramsay (1913-1993) preaches from the book of Jonah about the impact that one man can have for good or for bad. We all bring an atmosphere with us wherever we go. Are you an enthusiastically infectious Christian, or one who has no energy for the service of the Lord? (Message preached in North America)

The 7 Pillars of a New Testament Assembly (31 min)

Albert Ramsay (1913-1993) preaches on the 7 pillars of a New Testament assembly and sets out, from the Word of God, his own convictions as to how Christians should gather. He mentions how he was saved, baptised and gathered into the first New Testament assembly in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Readings: Prov 9:1, Matt 16:13-18, 18:19-20, Luke 24:44-49, John 7:37-39, Acts 2:1-7, 36-43. (Message preached in the Maritimes, Canada)

Albert Ramsay – Have You Lost Your Song? (18 min)

Asaph was a singer, but in Psalm 73 he seems to have lost his song. Have you lost yours? Albert Ramsay (1913-1993) takes up the Psalm in three sections: “out of the sanctuary”, “in the sanctuary” and “after the sanctuary”, and concludes that “sanctuary men are singing men”. Reading: Psalm 73 (Message preached in Larne in the late 1980’s)

Unforgettable Stories (46 min)

In 1985 Mr Albert Ramsay (1913-1993) came from Canada to preach in various parts of the UK. While there he recounted the unforgettable story of his conversion to Christ back in June 1934 at “Gambles Corner” in Prince Edward Island under the preaching of Albert Joyce and the Harris brothers (Herb and Russell). Around 30 souls were saved during that series of Tent meetings and a New Testament assembly was formed on the island. From the start Albert became a…