Sermons by Robert McIlwaine

Sermons by Robert McIlwaine

Robert McIlwaine – Have You Lost Your Joy? (21 min)

Robert McIlwaine (1925-2021) preaches on the joy of salvation, and the oft-felt reality of discouragement in the Christian life. Have you lost your joy? Are you feeling down and disheartened? Robert takes up the prayer of David in Psalm 51:12-13 “Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation” in a message that will lift your soul and point you to the fount of living waters. (Message preached at Pugwash Junction conference in Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014)

Robert McIlwaine – “What is your life?” (24 min)

When a man, who has been saved for 81 years, stands to his feet at the age of 90 to speak softly and solemnly on the powerful question “What is your life?”, one has to sit up and listen. Robert McIlwaine (1925-2021) takes up this searching question from James 4:14 as he reminisces about his long life; its challenges, triumphs, discouragements and regrets. This is a touching message that will speak to your heart and cause you to reassess your…

Robert McIlwaine – Gospel Work in Nova Scotia (60 min)

In 1930, Lennon Knox McIlwaine (1898-1984) and his beloved wife Sarah, arrived in Nova Scotia from Northern Ireland, having been called by God to preach the gospel to the Maritime people of Canada. Robert McIlwaine (1925-2021), their son, visited the UK in 1987 and related the incredible, stirring and heart-warming story of the faith-filled labours of his parents, himself and others who, during the years of the great depression and through World War 2 and beyond, laboured in all weathers,…