Sermons by Robert Surgenor

Sermons by Robert Surgenor

Are Believers Priests Only in the Local Assembly? (28 min)

Robert Surgenor preaches on the nature of the priesthood of believers in the present church dispensation. What exactly does it mean to be a priest today? What are the functions of a priest? Are believers priests only when they meet together in the local church? Readings: Exod 19:6, 1 Chron 23:13, Rev 1:4-6. (Recorded in North America, 3rd Dec 1995)

Unforgettable Stories (43 min)

Bob Surgenor (1928-) tells the story of his labours in the gospel in West Virginia, USA, beginning in 1970 to the present day. He pioneered the work there and, often helped by other preachers, saw the Lord save souls and an assembly planted in the town of New Creek. Using a Gospel Tent and hiring various buildings (including the historic Pine Church¬† in Purgitsville), series of gospel meetings were held in Keyser, Burlington, Fairmont, Petersburg, Birch River, Whitmer, Buckhannon and…

“What has God ever done for me?” (54 min)

Robert Surgenor (1928- ) tells the amazing story of God’s grace and mercy to him during the first 24 years of his life when, first as a mischievous child and then as a reckless youth, he had repeated brushes with death but was spared every time. He was later saved through the witness of his wife and the preaching of the gospel, all in answer to his mother’s heartfelt prayer when Robert had pneumonia as a child. Robert’s wife was…