Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

Christ in the Acts of the Apostles (47 min)

Jim Flanigan preaches on how Christ is portrayed in the Acts of the Apostles, in particular drawing attention to 7 references to “Jesus of Nazareth” in the book. Reading: Acts 2:22-24, 6:13-15, 7:54-60. (Message preached in Northern Ireland) Complete series: The Presentation of Christ in the Gospels The Presentation of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles The Presentation of Christ in Romans The Presentation of Christ in Hebrews The Presentation of Christ in the Revelation

Ananias and Sapphira (53 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the story of a couple in the book of Acts called Ananias and Sapphira. He looks at them in relation to their names, the church in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit, the devil and the young men who buried them. Reading: Acts 4:31-5:14. (Message preached in Northern Ireland) Complete series of “Couples that Count in Christianity”: Zacharias and Elizabeth Zebedee and Salome Ananias and Sapphira Aquila and Priscilla Philemon and Apphia

The Fellowship (25 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches on what it means to be in assembly fellowship, concentrating first on the “bonds” of fellowship, before dealing with the “boundaries” of fellowship. Reading: Acts 2:41-47. (Message preached in Ballymena, 31st Sept 2020) Complete series on “following Christ”; The apostles’ doctrine Fellowship Breaking of bread Prayers

The Apostles’ Doctrine (27 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches on what happens after a person gets saved – they start following Christ. After baptism, they continue steadfastly in 4 things, the first of which is “the apostles’ doctrine”. Their doctrine (teaching) is summed up in 4 words: gospel, gifts, gatherings and glory. Reading: Acts 2:41-42. (Message preached in Ballymena, 30th Sept 2020) Complete series on “following Christ”; The apostles’ doctrine Fellowship Breaking of bread Prayers

What’s Involved in Being Part of an Assembly? (51 min)

PART 3 – Michael Penfold preaches on the privileges and responsibilities of being in fellowship in a New Testament assembly. In light of what Scripture has to say on this subject, what are we to make of an “open table” and inter-denominationalism? Readings: Acts 2:41-43, 9:26-28. (Message preached in Manchester, CT, USA, 26th Mar 2023) Complete series on “critical assembly issues”: The evangelical revolution (Ownership and Lordship) Why are head coverings in only one chapter? (Headship) What’s involved in being…

Resources When Trials Come (17 min)

Sandy Higgins draws lessons from the trials of the assembly at Jerusalem to expound the resources available to us when trials come upon the people of God. Reading: Acts 11:27-12:25. (Message preached at he Vancouver Thanksgiving Conference, 2014)

Feasts in Fulfillment (66 min)

PART 3 – John Grant (1942-2020) looks at the first 4 of the 7 feasts of Jehovah and explains how they were fulfilled in the New Testament. Pentecost and its unity, Passover and Unleavened bread and their purity, and firstfruits and its security. Readings: Acts 2:1-8, 38, 41-47, 1 Cor 5:1-8, 15:20-26, 1 Pet 1:14-15. (Message preached in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 2002) (Photo: Israel)

The Church and Its Continuation (36 min)

The Church from Eternity to Eternity – Part 4 – John Riddle preaches on the continuation of the church from the book of Acts, highlighting the local assembly at Antioch as an example of the pattern of how God has worked through the ages: gospel preaching, exhortation, teaching and fellowship. Reading: Acts 11:19-30 (Message preached in Forres, Scotland, 2010)

The Church and Its Commencement (44 min)

The Church from Eternity to Eternity – Part 2 – John Riddle preaches on the commencement of the church on the Day of Pentecost. He explains that the church did not exist prior to Acts 2 and expounds the dispensational purpose of the church. The coming of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues are discussed. Readings: John 20:21-22, Acts 2:1-4 (Message preached in Forres, Scotland, 2010) (Photo: Jerusalem)

Is Speaking in Tongues for Today? (32 min)

Albert Leckie (1920-1988) preaches on the topic of “speaking in tongues”. He asks what tongues were for. The Bible says they were a sign. In Acts 2, a sign of the resurrection and exaltation of Christ; in Acts 10, a sign of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the Gentiles; and in Acts 19 a sign of “accomplished redemption”. With these “sign purposes” completed, the sign is no longer required, so tongues in Acts should not be taken…

The Glory of God, and Jesus Standing (44 min)

Ian Jackson preaches on the martyrdom of Stephen in Acts 7:54-60, and Stephen’s view of “the glory of God and Jesus standing”. He draws out numerous lessons from this pivotal passage concerning Israel, the church, God’s purpose for this age and the significance of “the man in the glory”, and the Holy Spirit’s present ministry on earth (Message preached in Bicester 22nd April 2019)

Why I am in an Assembly (37 min)

After defining the words “fellowship” (Gk: koinonia) and “assembly” (Gk: ekklesia), Michael Penfold sets out 3 reasons “Why I am in fellowship in a local assembly”. First, because of the purpose of God; second, because of the presence of Christ; and third, because of the pattern of Scripture. The Bible expects all believers to be in a local assembly gathered unto the name of the Lord Jesus. Readings: Matt 18:20, Acts 2:41-42, 9:26-28, 15:14. (Message preached 24th Feb 2019)

Lessons from Paul’s Voyage (36 min)

Jack Hay preaches from Acts 27 and the narrative of Paul’s voyage to Rome that was shipwrecked along the way. Mr Hay draws lessons about the journey of life with its frictions, frustrations and foolishness – all of which can so easily rock our little boat and threaten to sink us beneath life’s complications. A salutary message containing many practical lessons (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 17th Apr 2017)

Paul on Malta (43 min)

Jack Hay preaches from Acts 28:1-3, drawing many pertinent and practical lessons from Paul’s arrival on the Mediterranean island of Malta (Melita – KJV). Issues touched on include assurance of salvation, unlimited atonement, humility in service and preservation in temptation (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 17th Apr 2017)

The House of Ananias and the Assembly of God (51 min)

PART 4 – Ian Jackson preaches on the home of Ananias (and Sapphira) from Acts Ch 5. This sad home was marked by pretence, by hypocrisy and by deception. This couple were pretending to be what they weren’t. The root and the fruit of their iniquity is explained and the audience is urged to have, by contrast, homes marked by truth, holiness and heart devotion to God (Message preached 18th Feb 2017)

Ministry at the Supper (32 min)

Mervyn Hall takes up the subject of ministry of the Word of God at the Lord’s Supper. Using the example of the Lord in the Upper Room and on the Emmaus Road (Luke 22 & 24) and that of Paul in Acts 20, he outlines the scope, style and subject of ministry suitable on such an occasion both before and after partaking of the emblems. Mervyn also gives practical hints in relation to studying for, preparing for and delivering ministry…

What Church Should I Join? (38 min)

PART 4 – Christians need a spiritual home. The Bible speaks of Christians being “gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Matt 18:20). In this message, Peter Scarsbrook looks at the truth of being part of a “local assembly”. Basing his remarks on Acts 2:42 he speaks of an assembly’s “foundation”, its “formation”, and a number of its vital “features”. If you are looking for scriptural guidance about assembly fellowship you will find this message helpful (Message preached 11th…

Assembly Fellowship and Reception (42 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the fact, focus and function of assembly fellowship. He stresses that believers are not “received to the breaking of bread” but rather “to the whole assembly”, with all of its privileges and responsibilities. Being received into an assembly means “continuing stedfastly” in the apostles’ doctrine, the breaking of bread, the fellowship and the prayers (Acts 2:42). It’s a matter of conviction, not convenience! (Message preached May 2016)

Deacons (42 min)

David West preaches on the subject of deacons. He defines what deacons are, before outlining their qualifications, proving, selection, function and compensation. This exposition of 1 Tim 3:8-13 and Acts 6 1-7 highlights the fact that “deacon service” involves much more than just the practical needs of a local assembly (Message preached 10th May 2012)

The Godly Disciplines of the Local Assembly (28 min)

Kevin Oh preaches from Acts 2, 5 and 11 on the godly disciplines involved in being in assembly fellowship; faithfulness to the scriptures, fellowship with the saints, fear in the soul and fidelity to the Saviour (Message preached 7th July 2011)

Preaching the Gospel (34 min)

Phil Coulson preaches a weighty message from Acts 28 on the dignity of public preaching and the purity of the message of the gospel. He passes comment on the use of PowerPoint in gospel preaching (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)

The Unchanging Gospel (27 min)

Phil Coulson preaches on the unchanging gospel. He traces (in Acts) the way the apostles always preached the same message but adapted it to different audiences, without ever lowering the gospel by the use of drama (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 5th April 2010)

Godly Assembly Leadership (47 min)

John Grant preaches a powerful message on “Godly assembly Leadership” from Paul’s message in Acts 20, using Moses, Jacob and David as examples of how to lead and feed the flock of God (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 24th March 2008)

Acts Chapter 20 (53 min)

John Grant closes this series of ministry meetings in Acts 20, drawing pertinent and powerful lessons for assembly overseers from Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders (Message preached Friday 22nd June 2006)

Acts Chapter 13-19 (54 min)

John Grant very helpfully explains “how to preach the gospel” using the example of the substance and delivery of the sermons of the apostle Paul as revealed in Acts chapters 13-19 (Message preached Thursday 21st June 2006)

Acts Chapter 13 (52 min)

John Grant preaches on the commendation of Paul to the Lord’s work and the character of the man as revealed in the Acts and the epistles (Message preached Wednesday 20th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 9 (53 min)

John Grant recounts the background, circumstances and results connected with the conversion of Saul of Tarsus in Acts 9. This is a most interesting and inspiring message (Message preached Tuesday 19th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 6 (49 min)

John Grant warns, from Acts 6, against murmuring and complaining in a local assembly, as well as outlining the function and character of deacons. He also gives a sketch of the martyrdom of Stephen (Message preached Monday 18th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 5 (45 min)

John Grant expounds on Acts 5 where the first sin of the church age occurs. Serious practical lessons are drawn from the solemn narrative of Ananias and Sapphira (Message preached Friday 15th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 3 (50 min)

John Grant uses the narrative of the lame man at the beautiful gate in Acts 3 to expound on the nature of the gift of healing and the difference between confirmation gifts and continuing gifts (Message preached Thursday 14th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 2b (57 min)

John Grant draws pertinent lessons from Peter’s address on the day of Pentecost and the formation of the first local assembly in the church age at Jerusalem (Message preached Wednesday 13th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 2a (52 min)

John Grant outlines the truth of the baptism in the Spirit, the filling with the Spirit and what it means to speak in tongues, from the first half of Acts 2 (Message preached Tuesday 12th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 1 (46 min)

John Grant begins a series of ministry meetings on the Acts of the Apostles by setting the scene in Chapter 1 and giving an outline of the whole book (Message preached Monday 11th June 2006)