Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

With Christ in the Storms of Life (46 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the storms through which the disciples passed in the Gospel of Mark, and draws lessons for us in the storms of life through which we pass. Readings: Mark 4:37-41, 5:1-2, 6:45-52, 8:13-18, 21.

Christ in the Gospels (52 min)

Jim Flanigan preaches on how the 4 Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – present the Lord Jesus Christ. He links each gospel to a different aspect of of the person of Christ, and links the authors of each Gospel to their particular Gospel in fascinating ways. Reading: John 20:30-31, 21:25. (Message preached in Northern Ireland) Complete series: The Presentation of Christ in the Gospels The Presentation of Christ in the Acts of the Apostles The Presentation of Christ…

Houses in Mark’s Gospel (35 min)

Colin Hutchison preaches on houses in Mark’s gospel, and draws lessons from each one relative to Christian doctrine and practice. Readings: Mark 3:13-19, 7:14-17, 24-26, 9:28, 33-37, 10:5-12. (Message preached at Cork Conference, Ireland, March 2023)

The Old Testament in Mark (57 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the beginning, the boundaries and the breadth of the Lord’s ministry in the gospel of Mark as it relates to the Old Testament. Readings: Mark 1:1-4, 9-11, 7:10-3, 5-8, 10:1-9, 11:15-18, 12:10-12, 24-27, 35-37. (Message preached in North America) Complete series: How the Lord uses the Old Testament in Matthew How the Lord uses the Old Testament in Mark How the Lord uses the Old Testament in Luke How the Lord uses the Old Testament in…

Isaac Cherry – Last of All and Servant of All (42 min )

Isaac Cherry (1921-1967) came from Ayrshire in Scotland. He ran a construction firm while at the same time dedicating himself to the teaching of the Word of God and the service of the Lord in connection with “Loan Hall” in the town of Stevenston. He was a master expositor of the Scriptures as you can hear in this message on the Lord’s teaching in Capernaum in Mark 9:33-50. “Verse by verse” ministry may not appeal to some because it can…

Christ in the Gospel of Mark (48 min)

Tom West preaches on “Christ in the Gospel of Mark”. He brings out the main characteristics of all 4 gospels and likens Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to the faces of the 4 living creatures in Revelation Ch 4. In Mark Christ is portrayed as the perfect Servant – delightful, devoted, discerning, not distracted but determined to do His Father’s will (Message preached 14th Sept 2017)

Why This Waste? (34 min)

Dan Shutt challenges his audience not to waste their lives on self, but to “waste their lives” for Christ. Others thought that breaking the box of costly ointment on Christ (in Mark Ch 14) was “a waste” – but any sacrifice for Christ is highly valued and eternally significant. “What the world calls waste, God values highly”. How will you spend the life God has given you? (Message preached 27th Mar 2016)

The Believer and Faith (43 min)

Sandy Higgins preaches on “the believer and faith” from Mark 13:28-44. He presses the need for intellectual, emotional and bodily loyalty to the Lord in the face of the world’s attack on our faith (Message preached 19th Oct 2010)