David Craig – Christ the Only Foundation (37 min)

David Craig – Christ the Only Foundation (37 min)

David Craig (1902-1977), affectionately known as “Scotch Davey”, was a gifted earnest evangelist, Bible teacher and author. He travelled the length and breadth of the UK serving the Lord, as well as making numerous trips abroad preaching the Word. During the Belfast Easter Conference in April 1969, before a large crowd in the Grosvenor Hall (Photographs below), David Craig preached the gospel. Falling ill before the conference, Mr Craig anticipated not being able to fulfill the engagement, but the Lord raised him up and he preached powerfully on “Christ the only foundation” – a foundation needed, stated, laid, solitary and tested (Scripture readings: Rev 6:12-17, 1 Cor 3:10-11, Matt 7:24-27, Isa 28:16-22).

Mr Craig is pictured below at a gathering of evangelists and Bible teachers at Plas-Menai, Llanfairfechan, Wales, UK in 1950 (Click here for a hi res copy)

Back Row (from left): George Fenn, Reuben Scammel, Mr Fulton, Dennis Barnes, Ken Lowther, Mr H Browse, Dan Kerr, Mr Tandy and Mr Brown

3rd Row (from left): Mr Atkins, Mr Love, George Andrews, Mr Hindle, Mr Counsell, Mr Deane, Victor Cyril, Mr J Butler, George Gaunt, Charles Gabriel, Aneurin Ward, Walter Norris and Handel Evans

2nd Row (from left): Mr Campbell, John James, William Broadhurst, Mr Lowndes, Harold St John, Alf Hall, Jim Britten, Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Hacker, Mr Webb and Bert Reynolds

Front Row (from left): John Newton, Willie Trew, David Craig, Fred Bingham, Mr Breeze, Bert Burnham, A.J. Crick and Thomas Moore

The photos below of the Grosvenor Hall in Belfast are included here with the permission of BCM, Belfast. The Grosvenor Hall stood in Belfast City Centre from 1927-1993 and was used for the Easter Conference up to the 1980’s.