Sermons on Expositions in Genesis - Various speakers

Sermons on Expositions in Genesis - Various speakers

Exposition of Genesis Ch 4 (39 min)

Sandy Higgins expounds Genesis chapter 4, which outlines the beginning of the world’s cities and its culture, as mankind tries to make itself comfortable outside of Eden’s garden, but without God. Reading: Genesis 4. (Message preached in North America) Complete series: Exposition of Genesis 1 Exposition of Genesis 2 Exposition of Genesis 3 Exposition of Genesis 4 Exposition of Genesis 5

Exposition of Genesis Ch 12 (44 min)

Gordon Stewart expounds Genesis Ch 12. He recounts the three journeys of Abram, the father of the faithful, and points out 10 serious consequences that followed Abram’s failure in connection with going down to Egypt (Message preached 10th June 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 11 (47 min)

John Salisbury expounds Genesis Ch 11, explaining the origins of empire building and idolatry as seen in Nimrod and his rebellion, which marks a major turning point in God’s dealings with the nations (Message preached 3rd June 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Chs 9 and 10 (38 min)

Michael Penfold expounds Genesis Chs 9 and 10. He outlines details of the Noahic covenant and the division of the nations. He examines the difficult issues of the sin of Noah and the curse pronounced on Canaan (Message preached 27th May 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Chs 7 and 8 (37 min)

Peter Scarsbrook expounds Genesis Chs 7 and 8. He stands by the historicity of the narrative of Noah’s ark and gives a series of interesting observations as to the reality of and reasons behind the flood (Message preached 20th May 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 5 and 6 (44 min)

Mervyn Hall expounds Genesis Chs 5 and 6. He outlines the background to the flood and the life of Enoch. He tackles the difficulties of ‘the sons of God’ and the ‘long ages’ of the antedeluvians (Message preached 13th May 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 4 (44 min)

Norman Mellish expounds Genesis Ch 4. He gives a number of interesting insights into the narrative of Cain and Abel and the significance of their sacrifices, and takes a look at Cain’s descendants (Message preached 6th May 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 2 (25 min)

David Dalton expounds Genesis Ch 2. He looks at the first sabbath, the garden of Eden, the dominion of man over creation and the first marriage – between one man and one woman (Message preached Thursday 22nd April 2010)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 1 (47 min)

PART 1 of 9 – Marcus Hall (1938-2021) from Pamber Heath, often visited us in Bicester. In this message he expounds Genesis Ch 1. He stands by a literal interpretation of the entire chapter and, among other things, explains why he does not accept the so-called ‘gap theory’. A solid, helpful exposition from a careful student and teacher (Message preached Thursday 15th April 2010)