Sermons by John Salisbury

Sermons by John Salisbury

7 Churches of Asia (46 min)

John Salisbury speaks on the 7 churches of Asia from Revelation Chs 1, 2 and 3. After setting the 7 churches in their context with the book of Revelation, Mr Salisbury looks at the 7 churches historically, prophetically and practically. (Message preached 10th June 2021)

Sign No 8 – The Catch of Fish (38 min)

PART 9 – John Salisbury preaches on the 8th sign in John’s gospel – the miraculous catch of 153 fish. After some introductory remarks about the setting and pairing of the final sign, John divides his remarks into four: the importance of 1. obedience, 2. love for Christ, 3. shepherding and 4. following. He gives an explanation for the counting of the 153 fish, as well as discussing the interplay between two Greek verbs for love (agapao and phileo) in…

Exposition of 2 Timothy Ch 1 (46 min)

John Salisbury expounds 2 Timothy Ch 1. After dividing up and introducing the whole epistle, John builds his remarks on Chapter 1 around three mentions of the word “ashamed”. Neither Timothy (v8), Paul (v12) nor Onesiphorus (v16) are ashamed, and the reasons why are given according to the context. In the closing section of the message a helpful 7-point outline of Onesiphorus is given (Message preached 16th May 2019)

Christ in the Gospel of Matthew (44 min)

John Salisbury gives an overview of the whole of the gospel of Matthew, in which Christ is portrayed as “King”. The King and His credentials, the King and His kingdom, and the King and His cross are the headings that divide the gospel into three sections. The three titles – “Son of David”, “Son of Abraham” and “Son of Man” – are highlighted and expounded. (Message preached 7th Sept 2017).

Care-free Christianity (47 min)

John Salisbury expounds the secret of “care-free Christianity” from Matthew 6:1-7:11. Worry and anxiety seem to be part and parcel of our busy modern lives, yet the Lord Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount gives practical teaching on how to live care-free lives – lives lived in the enjoyment of a personal relationship with God as our Father. A most helpful and insightful exposition of Scripture (Message preached 18th May 2017)

An Overview of the Book of Joel

John Salisbury gives an overview of the book of Joel. A much neglected but important book, Joel is the first Bible writer to mention “the day of the Lord”. He is the first of the “writing prophets” and the first writer to outline the end of the age and the Millennial Kingdom. This is a thorough, detailed and comprehensive look at Joel’s prophecy and its five sections. 46 min

The Peace Offering (46 min)

John Salisbury preaches on the peace offering. He presents a detailed look at this offering under the following headings; the reason for the offering, its rituals, its results, its foreshadowing of Christ and its practical implications. Teaching on the precious subject of the wave breast and the heave shoulder is included. (Message preached 27th Sept 2012)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 11 (47 min)

John Salisbury expounds Genesis Ch 11, explaining the origins of empire building and idolatry as seen in Nimrod and his rebellion, which marks a major turning point in God’s dealings with the nations (Message preached 3rd June 2010)

Studies in the Life of Jephthah (50 min)

John Salisbury covers a number of lesser known judges (Tola, Jair, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon) before going into detail on the life of Jephthah. He tackles the difficult question of whether Jephthah’s daughter was killed (Ministry given Oct 1st 2009)

The Life and Times of Joseph (46 min)

John Salisbury preaches on the life and times of Joseph, drawing attention to his fruitfulness, his patience in trial and faithfulness in temptation. Many parallels are drawn between Joseph and Christ. (Ministry given on 6th Mar 2008)

Husbands and Wives (48 min)

John Salisbury outlines the Bible’s teaching on the nature, purpose and function of the husband and wife relationship. A Biblical restatement of this foundational, important and creatorial issue is vital and is carefully expounded here (Message preached in 2007)