The Person and Work of Christ

The Person and Work of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ (42 min)

SECOND COMING OF CHRIST – Mervyn Hall expounds upon the timing and context of the Lord’s return, drawing particular attention to the pictures provided by the morning star and the sun of righteousness (Message preached 2nd April 2009)

The High Priestly Ministry of Christ (40 min)

HIGH PRIESTLY MINISTRY OF CHRIST – Gordon Stewart handles the ascension of Christ and His high priestly ministry in heaven. He gives insights from Christ’s prayer in John 17 and from the the High Priest in Exod 28 (Message preached 26th March 2009)

The Resurrection of Christ (48 min)

RESURRECTION OF CHRIST – Norman Mellish preaches on the facts, faith and future connected with Christ’s resurrection. He develops the consequences of the resurrection as outlined in the New Testament epistles (Message preached 19th March 2009)

The Death of Christ (48 min)

DEATH OF CHRIST – Robert Plant preaches a rich devotional word of ministry on Psalm 69. He takes up the “lily” in the Psalter and draws his audience into a fresh appreciation of the sufferings of Christ (Message preached 12th March 2009)

The Sinlessness of Christ (45 min)

SINLESSNESS OF CHRIST – David Dalton faithfully outlines the sacred and precious truth of the sinlessness of Christ. He specifically deals with the fact that the Lord Jesus not only did not sin but could not sin (Message preached 5th March 2009)

The Humanity of Christ (46 min)

HUMANITY OF CHRIST – Michael Penfold preaches on the crucial doctrine of the humanity of Christ under two main headings: the need for it, and its nature. He tackles a number of dangerous misconceptions on this subject (Message preached 26th Feb 2009)

The Deity of Christ (58 min)

DEITY OF CHRIST – Malcolm Horlock preaches on the deity of Christ. In an extensive tour through the Bible, Mr Horlock outlines 8 lines of evidence from Scripture to prove that “Jesus is God”. (Message preached in Wales, UK).

The Eternal Sonship of Christ (31 min)

ETERNAL SONSHIP OF CHRIST – Kevin Oh expounds on the twin themes of the pre-existence and eternal sonship of the Lord Jesus. He speaks on the essence, expressions, evidences and errors connected with these subjects (Message preached 12th Feb 2009)