Sermons on Job

Sermons on Job

Lessons from Unexplained Trials (42 min)

This is a significant message by the late Albert McShane (1914-2002) on lessons to be learned from unexplained trials. Taking up the story of Job, Mr. McShane describes a man who wished he’d never been born, or at least wished he could now be finished with life. The thing that he feared had arrived – tragedy, and unexplained loss of family, possessions and health. Added to this were the wounds inflicted by his friends. Yet, having lost everything, Job exclaims,…

Faith in a Great God (34 min)

Craig Munro preaches on how to make spiritual progress in the midst of loss and disappointment (from Job 36:24-37:24). We need to remember that though God is beyond comprehension, He’s always great; though He is beyond prediction, He always has a purpose; and though He is beyond explanation, He is always just (Message preached in Bicester, 31st Mar 2018).

The Glory of God – His Creation (37 min)

PART 2 – David West preaches on the glory of God in His creation. He takes a tour through Job Chapters 38-41 and surveys God’s three challenges to Job. 1). Can you explain My creation? 2). Can you oversee My creation? 3). Can you subdue My creation? The power, greatness, wisdom and providential care of God, which are manifested in creation, all speak of His glory. All of this is on display 24 hours a day! (Message preached 10th Nov…