Ezekiel’s Temple Introduction – with Charts (46 min)

Ezekiel’s Temple Introduction – with Charts (46 min)

Albert McShane gives an introduction to the topic of Ezekiel’s temple. He examines when Ezekiel prophesied, when he received the vision, what the concept of a “Temple” involves, what the various measurements signify, whether or not the Temple is literal and still future, and a number of other considerations. Reading: Ezek 40:1-16. (Recorded in Lisburn, Northern Ireland)

Complete series:

  1. Introduction to Ezekiel’s Temple
  2. The Temple’s Perimeter, the Porch, and the Outer and Inner Courts
  3. The Altar, the Temple proper, and some of the Chambers
  4. The People who Use the Temple
  5. The River, and the Dividing of the Land of Israel

To help you understand Ezekiel’s Prophecy and Temple, here are two charts:

Click here to see a PDF of Clarence Larkin’s chart of the “Millennial city” and the “division of the land”