Sermons on Expositions in Ruth - Various speakers

Sermons on Expositions in Ruth - Various speakers

Ruth Ch 4 (20 min)

Thomas West preaches a message from Ruth Chapter 4. Summarising the book of Ruth, Thomas wraps up by explaining the Levitical law of levirate marriage and the picture it presents of Christ being willing and able, as our ‘kinsman-redeemer’, to purchase us to Himself, despite us Gentiles being outside the commonwealth of Israel (Message given May 24th 2015)

Ruth Ch 3 (26 min)

David Castles preaches a message from Ruth Chapter 3 in which Ruth the fatherless, the stranger and the widow, finds all her needs met at the feet of one who was her “near-kinsman”, Boaz the mighty man of wealth. This picture of sinners finding their all in a Saviour who is related to them in his perfect humanity is developed to profit (Message given May 17th 2015)

Ruth Ch 2 (23 min)

Malcolm Radcliffe preaches a message from Ruth Chapter 2 and takes up the subject of gleaning in the field. This chapter is often taken up in relation to the Word of God (“Where have you gleaned today?”) but Mr Radcliffe takes it up as a picture of the local assembly.

Ruth Ch 1 (28 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on Ruth Chapter 1, which features Naomi the restored backslider, Ruth the new believer, and Orpah the false professor. Moab, a nation marked by immorality, enmity, idolatry and luxury, sat just “next door” to Israel and tempted God’s people to recross Jordan and head “back to the world”, especially during a time of famine. This is a “chapter of choices” which holds many pertinent lessons for us (Message given May 3rd 2015)

An Overview of the Book of Ruth (25 min)

Mervyn Hall gives an introduction to the Old Testament book of Ruth. He outlines a number of ways in which the book can be approached – historically, doctrinally, dispensationally, practically and devotionally. This message presents a helpful overview of this precious jewel of a book, and serves to open up numerous avenues of profitable study (Message given Apr 26th 2015)