Willie Trew – Forgiveness (43 min)

Willie Trew – Forgiveness (43 min)

Willie Trew (1902-1971) was saved in Lanarkshire, Scotland, at the age of 17, and was commended to serve the Lord full time two years later. He laboured in the 1920’s and 30’s in South Wales with Walter Norris, often conducting series of meetings for 16 weeks or so, usually in pioneer areas where there was no assembly. In later years he devoted himself to the careful exposition of God’s Word. When a famous evangelical preacher came to the UK in 1954 for a interdenominational mass-evangelism crusade, something which appealed to many as being worthy of support, Mr Trew delivered a notable address in Motherwell that year called “My Reasons for not being Free to Engage in Interdenominational Service”.

In the audio message featured on this page, given in the 1960’s, Mr Trew speaks on judicial, family and governmental forgiveness. This is Mr Trew at his weightiest and most thought provoking, as he carefully expounds Matthew Ch 18 in all its seriousness and depth.

Photo below from the Eastbourne (UK) Bible Readings, 1962:

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Mr Willie Trew (with glasses) seated in the centre. Right of him is A.M.S. Gooding, and then Mr. Harry Bell.