Sermons on Expositions in Acts - J Grant

Sermons on Expositions in Acts - J Grant

Acts Chapter 20 (53 min)

John Grant closes this series of ministry meetings in Acts 20, drawing pertinent and powerful lessons for assembly overseers from Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders (Message preached Friday 22nd June 2006)

Acts Chapter 13-19 (54 min)

John Grant very helpfully explains “how to preach the gospel” using the example of the substance and delivery of the sermons of the apostle Paul as revealed in Acts chapters 13-19 (Message preached Thursday 21st June 2006)

Acts Chapter 13 (52 min)

John Grant preaches on the commendation of Paul to the Lord’s work and the character of the man as revealed in the Acts and the epistles (Message preached Wednesday 20th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 9 (53 min)

John Grant recounts the background, circumstances and results connected with the conversion of Saul of Tarsus in Acts 9. This is a most interesting and inspiring message (Message preached Tuesday 19th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 6 (49 min)

John Grant warns, from Acts 6, against murmuring and complaining in a local assembly, as well as outlining the function and character of deacons. He also gives a sketch of the martyrdom of Stephen (Message preached Monday 18th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 5 (45 min)

John Grant expounds on Acts 5 where the first sin of the church age occurs. Serious practical lessons are drawn from the solemn narrative of Ananias and Sapphira (Message preached Friday 15th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 3 (50 min)

John Grant uses the narrative of the lame man at the beautiful gate in Acts 3 to expound on the nature of the gift of healing and the difference between confirmation gifts and continuing gifts (Message preached Thursday 14th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 2b (57 min)

John Grant draws pertinent lessons from Peter’s address on the day of Pentecost and the formation of the first local assembly in the church age at Jerusalem (Message preached Wednesday 13th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 2a (52 min)

John Grant outlines the truth of the baptism in the Spirit, the filling with the Spirit and what it means to speak in tongues, from the first half of Acts 2 (Message preached Tuesday 12th June 2006)

Acts Chapter 1 (46 min)

John Grant begins a series of ministry meetings on the Acts of the Apostles by setting the scene in Chapter 1 and giving an outline of the whole book (Message preached Monday 11th June 2006)