Sermons on Dispensationalism - Various speakers

Sermons on Dispensationalism - Various speakers

Where Do The Dead Go? (36 min)

Michael Penfold takes up the subject of man’s future state under three headings: Where do people go at death? Where did Christ go at death? What is the future resurrection programme for the Church, Israel and the “wicked dead”? He deals with a number of false ideas such as annihilation, reincarnation, purgatory, soul-sleep and universalism and refutes them all from scripture. He also critiques the two-compartment theory. A wide ranging message that includes a look at the first and second…

Pre, Post or A-Millennialism? (45 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the subject of the Millennium, the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth in His Kingdom. He outlines Old Testament prophecies about the Millennium, how the Millennium fits into the future, its purpose, the people who will be in it, how it will be administered, what it will be like and how it will end. He explains the weaknesses of the a-millennial and post-millennial views and argues in favour of a pre-millennial view of prophecy (Message…

The Rapture – Pre, Mid or Post-Tribulation? (39 min)

Mervyn Hall looks at the subject of the rapture of the Church and asks will it be before, in the middle or at the end of Daniel’s 70th week, that period sometimes called “the 7-year tribulation”? Mervyn works his way through Ch 4 and Ch 5 of 1st Thessalonians and looks at the timing, the terminology and the teaching connected with this event and concludes that Scripture teaches a “pre-tribulation rapture”. (Message preached 8th Nov 2015)

Is the Lord’s Day the Christian Sabbath? (40 min)

Although aware that they are “not under law”, the question of whether or not to keep the Sabbath is an issue that still poses problems for many believers. Mervyn Hall addresses this problem by tracing Paul’s argument though Colossians Ch 2, showing that we are not legally bound to keep the Sabbath, nor are we required to treat the Lord’s Day as the “Christian Sabbath”. However, he urges caution against treating the Lord’s Day as any other day, by drawing…

What is the Believer’s Rule of Life? (43 min)

Michael Penfold preaches on the question, “What is the believer’s ‘rule of life’?” Believers today are “under grace”, not “under law”. That is to say, the Mosaic law, in all its aspects – ceremonial, civil and moral – has no connection with Christians in the Church age. They are neither under the law for justification nor for sanctification. Are believers then “lawless”? Is dispensationalism antinomian? Does “grace” mean Christians are free to do what they please? These and other related…

What is the Difference Between Israel and the Church? (41 min)

Dan Rudge speaks on a foundational issue in the interpretation of Scripture: the difference between Israel and the Church. He contends that when the Bible speaks of Israel it always means Israel. The Church is neither a replacement of nor an expansion of Israel. Mr Rudge discusses both Replacement theology and Covenant [Reformed] theology’s views on the subject. He contends that God has a future for the nation of Israel to which He has irrevocably committed Himself. (Message preached 18th…

An Overview of the 7 Dispensations (38 min)

Michael Penfold defines the critical terms “age” and “dispensation” before working his way through history from creation to the new heavens and new earth outlining the 7 Biblical dispensations as he proceeds. The 4 basic, always-repeated characteristics of each dispensation – revelation, responsibility, rebellion and retribution – are delineated in detail. (Message preached 20th Sept 2015)

An Overview of Bible Covenants (43 min)

Mervyn Hall gives a helpful overview of the Covenants of the Bible. He lists five: Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic and Messianic (New). He explains that these Covenants are God’s programme to restore everything that was lost in the fall. The culmination of God’s Covenant programme will be seen in “the Millennium”, the 1,000 year reign of Christ in a literal kingdom on earth. The Dispensational view of the Covenants differs greatly from the Reformed “Covenant Theology” view, making this a…

The Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics (42 min)

Laying a foundation for a series of messages on dispensational truth, Mervyn Hall preaches on the basic principles of Biblical interpretation. How should the Bible be approached and studied? To rightly divide the word (2 Tim 2:15) – to cut a straight course through Scripture – what principles should guide us? Mervyn outlines 5: the synthesis principle; the historical principle; the literal principle; the grammatical principle and the practical principle (Message preached 6th Sept 2015)