Sermons on Business People

Sermons on Business People

I Thought I Had it All (14 min)

Born in 1933, Bill Lavery turned his back on God as a teenager. He thought he “had it all”, as drinking, gambling and ballroom dancing filled his spare time. After marriage, he emigrated to the USA (in 1961), settling in Michigan. He secured a good job in Detroit and enjoyed a “cocktail party” lifestyle into his early thirties. But God began to work in his life, eventually bringing him and his wife to repentance and faith in Christ. Reading: Matt…

“You’ll never see my face in a gospel meeting again” (7 min)

Cal Erickson grew up going to meetings and hearing the gospel, but there came a time when he said, “You’ll never see my face in a gospel meeting again.” But God has His ways. Later in his life, as a company executive on the run from God, there came a time when Cal DID sit in a gospel meeting again. (Testimony given in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA, 2017).

A Successful Lifestyle, But No Peace (53 min)

Darius Graham had two great passions – business and hunting with horses. By age 43 he had a lifestyle many would envy, but he was living a double life. His drinking and partying belied a respectable public image that included going to church meetings and mixing with friends and family who were committed Christians. However, events in his life providentially conspired to give him a wake-up call and a moment of clarity. It was time to face reality and seek…