"resurrection" Tagged Sermons

"resurrection" Tagged Sermons

Why the Resurrection? (44 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the question “Why the resurrection?” He answers under three headings: 1. The historicity of the resurrection 2. The criticality of the resurrection 3. The applicability of the resurrection. Readings: 1 Cor 15:1-9, 12-19, Acts 17:16-34, Rom 1:1-4. (Message preached in Chalfont St Peter Gospel Hall, Bucks, UK, 19th Nov 2023) Complete Series: Who am I? Who is Jesus? What is the gospel? Why the resurrection? What next?

Resurrection (52 min)

John Fleck preaches on the topic of the resurrection of Christ and all that flows from it, including the gifts given by the risen Christ to the church. Readings: John 19:40-20:11a, 19-21, Acts 2:23-25, 1 Cor 15:3-8. (Message preached in Banbridge Gospel Hall, 27th April 2023) Complete series: Redemption Adoption Election Resurrection Consecration

Obstacles to Atheism Part 3 – Christ and His Followers (42 min)

Part 3 – Dr Bert Cargill delivers a message on “Jesus Christ and His followers.” Who was Jesus? A mere figure of history, or more? Is He who He claimed to be? Did He rise from the dead? A challenging presentation on the unique person of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Sept 9th 2022). (Photo: Sea of Galilee)