Sermons by Jim Baker

Sermons by Jim Baker

Jim Baker – The Christian Life (29 min)

Jim Baker (1934-2016) was often in Bicester over the years and was always much appreciated. Originally from Liverpool, Jim spent most of his life in Scotland. Saved as a boy of 8, Jim soon developed a deep interest in the Scriptures and went on to become a very effective minister of the Word and much loved servant of the Lord. A warm-hearted brother with an infectious smile, Jim is fondly remembered and widely missed. He travelled all over the world…

The Millennial Reign of Christ (42 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the millennial reign of Christ, expounding on four great reasons for this unique 1,000 year period and linking it with the events that occurred on the mount of transfiguration (Message preached 2006)

The Second Advent of Christ (40 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the ‘manifestation’ of Christ at the second advent from Revelation, 2 Thessalonians and Zechariah, including what happens to the beast, the false prophet and Satan. (Message preached 2006)

The Great Tribulation (36 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the great tribulation, the sequence of events in the book of Revelation, the four horsemen, the antichrist and the covenant of Daniel 9. He helpfully compares Matthew 24 to Revelation 6. (Message preached 2006)

The Judgment Seat of Christ (32 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the next event to take place in heaven after the rapture – the judgment seat of Christ. He explains what will happen when believers from this present dispensation stand before the Lord ‘in that day’. (Message preached 2006)

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture (38 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. He explains why neither the church nor the rapture are mentioned in the Old Testament and touches on 1 Thess 4, 1 Cor 15 and other related passages. (Message preached 2006)

The Times of the Gentiles (40 min)

Jim Baker teaches on the ‘Times of the Gentiles’. He outlines Israel’s history and the image of Daniel and explains how these relate to one another. This is foundational ministry to help us understand the broad outline of God’s prophetic plan. (Message preached 2006)