Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Sermons on 1 Chronicles

Jabez – The Honourable Supplicant (43 min)

David Gilliland preaches on the first of 5 “honourable men” in the Bible. Jabez – most well known for his prayer: his brethren, his birth, his burden and his blessing. Reading: 1 Chron 4:9-10. (Recorded in Northern Ireland) Complete series on “Honourable Men in Scripture”: Jabez – The Honourable Supplicant Mordecai – The Honourable Statesman Samuel – The Honourable Seer Joseph of Arimathea – The Honourable Senator Epaphroditus – The Honourable Servant

Who Is Willing? (23 min)

Eugene Higgins preaches a message on King David’s question “Who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the LORD?” (1 Chron 29:5). Consecration is like signing a blank piece of paper and giving it to God to fill in as He will, but will you sign it? (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference 1990).

Hugh Scott – Door Keeping in the House of God (50 min)

Hugh Scott (1911-1986), from Whitburn in Scotland, was a much-used teacher of the Word of God. In the non-combatant Corps during WW2, Mr Scott was then for many years the manager of a grocery store. It is said that his ministry was very much like the layout of his shop; everything was in order and neatly packaged. A master of his subject, he spoke with great authority and fervour, pouring forth material at a rate difficult to keep up with,…