Singing from Trimsaran, Wales (36 min)

Singing from Trimsaran, Wales (36 min)

Harry Bell and Albert Leckie who led the Trimsaran Readings together for many years.

The “Trimsaran Bible Readings”, in south west Wales, UK, took place each August for several decades in the second half of the 20th century and featured famed Welsh singing. Here’s a recording of the following 11 hymns from the 1975 meetings:

  • Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour Thou
  • O Lord our souls adoring view
  • On Christ salvation rests secure
  • O Christ Thou Son of God
  • Lord of glory we adore Thee
  • What raised the wondrous thought (Albert Leckie, who led the readings in 1975, can be clearly heard in this hymn)
  • All the path the saints are treading
  • Sweet to look back and see my name
  • Fairer than all the earth-born race
  • Midst the darkness storm and sorrow
  • The sands of time are sinking

(Photo above: beach in the Gower Peninsular, South Wales)