There is a God, He Is Alive – Hymn (3 min)

There is a God, He Is Alive – Hymn (3 min)

The hymn “There is a God He Is Alive”, joyfully sung by young people from Roseisle Gospel Hall in Manitoba, Canada.


There is, beyond the azure blue,
A God, concealed from human sight,
He tinted skies with heav’nly hue
And framed the worlds with His great might.

There is a God, He is alive
In Him we live, and we survive
From dust our God, created man
He is our God, the great I am.

There was a long, long time ago,
A God whose voice the prophets heard,
He is the God that we should know.
Who speaks from His inspired Word.

Secure is life from mortal mind,
God holds the germ within His hand,
Though men may search they cannot find,
For God alone does understand.

Our God, whose Son upon a tree
A life was willing there to give,
That He from sin might set man free
And evermore with Him could live.