Jim Walmsley – “Tell him I’m not in” (9 min)

Jim Walmsley – “Tell him I’m not in” (9 min)

Jim Walmsley

The fascinating story of how a Christian woman in an office refused to tell a lie for her boss, and how God used that incident to speak to her colleague, a Mr. Jim Walmsley (1931-2022). That same lady afterwards asked Jim to come to a gospel meeting. God spoke to the 16-year-old Jim, and he found salvation on 16th May 1947 under the preaching of Harold Paisley. Mr Walmsley was baptised and then received into the Cregagh Street assembly, Belfast, in September 1947.

In 1960 Mr Jim Walmsley and his wife Sally (Duff) were commended to the work of the Lord in the land of Venezuela, where they served the Lord faithfully. Mr Walmsley was widowed three times during his long years of tireless service. Sally passed away in 1970; Sadie McIlwaine (married, 1971) passed away in 1994, and Ruth Saword Turkington (married, 2002) passed away in 2016.

On this recording, Mr Walmsley gave his personal testimony in Lurgan Gospel Hall, Northern Ireland, in 1980. He started by reading Romans 10:13.

Preachers at the Caracas conference, Venezuela, in 2019. Mr Jim Walmsley is 4th from the right on the front row. Looking at the photo, Noel McKeown is left of Mr Walmsley and Uel Ussher is to the right..