Sermons by AMS Gooding

Sermons by AMS Gooding

Are God’s Moral Principles Negotiable? (37 min)

A.M.S. Gooding (1915-1999) preaches on the non-negotiable moral principles of God, whether in the Old or the New Testament, and relates them to our personal, family, business and assembly lives. Reading: Exod 20:1-17. (Message preached in Ballymena 3rd Oct 1981)

How I Study My Bible (47 min)

A.M.S. Gooding (1915-1999) was a mighty expositor of the Word of God. Considering he left school at 15, never attended University, and was advised by his cousin, Professor David Gooding, not to spend much time with the “original Hebrew and Greek” unless he was going to make a lifetime study of it, one might wonder how on earth he became so knowledgeable and so able. In this message he explains the story of how he learned to study his Bible,…

A.M.S. Gooding – How the Lord Led Me (21 min)

A.M.S. Gooding (1915-1999) relates how he responded as a young man to Romans 12:1, “Present your body as a living sacrifice”. Saved at 14 in 1929, Arthur Gooding immediately gave himself to the study of Scripture. He began preaching the gospel at 16, and took his first conference at 18! For many years he used his skills as a printer, working for John Ritchie Ltd. in Kilmarnock, Scotland, printing and distributing gospel literature. In 1974, at the age of 59,…