The Garments of the High Priest

The Garments of the High Priest

The Day of Atonement (38 min)

PART 5 – John Stubbs preaches on the High Priest’s attire, attitude and actions on the annual Day of Atonement in Israel. He draws 7 contrasts between Aaron and Christ, while explaining the significance of the removal of sin, remorse for sin and rest from sin seen in Leviticus Ch 16.(Message preached 9th Mar 2014)

The Mitre and the Crown (41 min)

PART 4 – John Stubbs preaches on the High Priest’s mitre and crown. “Holiness unto the LORD” was engraved on the crown, and from it Mr Stubbs teaches many precious truths about the holiness of Christ and our acceptance in Him who appears for us in the presence of God. “As He is, so are we in this world” (Message preached 8th Mar 2014)

The Ephod and Breastplate (49 min)

PART 3 – John Stubbs preaches on the ephod and the breastplate. In the ephod is seen the suitability of our High Priest – in His perfect manhood – and in the breastplate are seen the subjects of our High Priest, His people near His heart and under His care. Mr Stubbs examines the stones – their rarity, representation, radiance and resting places (Message preached 8th Mar 2014)

The Robe of Blue (49 min)

PART 2 – John Stubbs preaches on the robe of blue, called the “robe of [connected with] the ephod”. He speaks of the “symbol of the blue”, the “strength of the binding”, the “shape of the border” and the “sound of the bells”. This garment spells out the sphere of our Great High Priest’s ministry in heaven (Message preached 7th Mar 2014)

The Linen Coat (60 min)

PART 1 – John Stubbs introduces the subject of the High Priest’s garments – garments that were holy, harmonious, hereditary and hand-made, and which contain much precious typological teaching on the person of Christ. The white linen coat speaks of His sinlessness, and the unseen linen girdle of His service (Message preached 6th Mar 2014)