Expositions in Philippians

Expositions in Philippians

Philippians Ch 2 (37 min)

Michael Penfold expounds Philippians Ch 2. Assembly unity is the subject of the chapter and Paul sets before the Philippians the motivations for unity, the hard choices necessary for unity and the examples of the attitude needed to promote unity, as seen primarily in our Lord Jesus. The difficult Christological passage (2:5-7) is discussed in its context (Message preached 14th Mar 2013)

Philippians Ch 4 (46 min)

David Castles expounds Philippians Ch 4. He traces the theme of “standing fast” through Paul’s epistles and points to the emphasis on “unity” in this chapter. Two sisters who had once been “helping the gospel” were now “hurting the gospel”. The solution? Godly forbearance and right thinking…the peace of God and the God of peace (Message preached 28th Mar 2013)

Philippians Ch 3 (46 min)

Tom West expounds Philippians Ch 3. He outlines Paul’s appeal, achievements, abandonment, ambition and advice. He urges his audience to aspire to be like Paul, whose life’s ambition – after being saved on the Damascus road – was “that I may know Him, and the power of his resurrection” (Message preached 21st Mar 2013)

Philippians – An Introduction (45 min)

Mervyn Hall gives an introductory overview to Paul’s epistle to the Philippians under 4 main headings: its background, breakdown, burden and bearing. He outlines the three main prison epistles as: Ephesians – “the body…in Christ”, Philippians – “the mind…of Christ”, and Colossians “the head…is Christ” (Message preached 28th Feb 2013)