Give That Man A Boat! (24 min)

Give That Man A Boat! (24 min)

The Missionary Gospel Messenger boat

Just before David Flynn was born in 1962, his mother was saved (1957) and his father shortly after (1959). They were converted as a result of the labours of Herb Harris and George Campbell, who sailed on the “Missionary Gospel Messenger” boat around Newfoundland and preached the gospel in port after port. One day a man opposed to their efforts shot at the boat with a high-powered rifle and ruined the loud speaker that was broadcasting the gospel. David tells the story of the missionary boat, and relates his own conversion to Christ in 1969. Readings: Isaiah 53:5, Mark 8:36, 2 Tim 3:15 (Testimony given in Canada on 13th Oct 2020)

David Flynn with MGM’s bullet ridden loud speaker

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Bert Joyce (centre) with other men on board the MGM Boat. The man with the cap is Herb Harris.