Sermons on Genesis Defended - J Allen

Sermons on Genesis Defended - J Allen

Jim Allen – Questions and Answers about Creation (55 min)

Jim Allen answers questions on the topic of creation and evolution. On a Saturday evening in February 1999 a large crowd gathered to hear Mr Allen speak for 20 minutes on the foundation of the earth, the fall upon the earth, and the flood that engulfed the earth. Mr Allen then fielded written and verbal questions for 35 minutes on a variety of subjects including the age of the earth, where Cain got his wife, the ice age, dinosaurs, and…

Is Adam our Earliest Ancestor? (48 min)

Jim Allen examines a central claim of the theory of evolution that man, rather than being a creation of God from the dust and made in His image, has simply evolved by chance mutation and natural selection from an ape-like ancestor. Mr Allen discusses numerous so-called missing links and finds them all wanting, and also tackles the issue of the origin of life, proving that the spontaneous generation of life is a scientific impossibility. The second half of his message…

Do Fossils Prove Evolution? (45 min)

Darwin’s theory of evolution, propounded in his book On The Origin of Species (1859), would never have seen the light of day had it not been for Charles Lyell’s earlier book The Principles of Geology (1830-1833). Lyell’s work single-handedly convinced multitudes of people that the fossil record wasn’t laid down during the catastrophe of Noah’s flood, but rather over millions of years of history by processes visible in the world today. This idea became known as uniformitarianism, and the whole…

Can We Trust Genesis? (51 min)

Jim Allen preaches on the truth of God’s word in relation to the beginning of the universe, life and human beings. He takes a stand against the “gap theory” and the “day age theory” and any attempt to compromise with the evolutionary theories of men in imbibing some form of “theistic evolution”. Readings: Col 1:15-17, Heb 11:3, Gen 1:1-5, 1:31-2:4. (Message preached in Ballymena, 31st Oct 1981)